Elite College Announces It Will Help Rid White Churches of Their Systemic Racism

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Davidson College is trying to school its students.

By “students,” I mean churches.
By “churches,” I mean white ones.
As reported by Campus Reform, the North Carolina school — as described by TheRichest.com, “one of the best liberal arts colleges in the nation” — will shell out $1 million to educate “white-dominant” congregations.

The subject: how to work toward racial equity.
To be clear, the funds come courtesy of Lilly Endowment, Inc.
Lilly’s a private foundation concerned with race and faith-focused charitable enterprises.
Davidson’s project is called “Churches That THRIVE for Racial Justice.”

Of course, “justice” is a subjective term.
Once upon a time, it implied equal opportunity.
But if “equity” — equality of outcome — is the goal, that’s a tall order.
And as it turns out, white churches have a problem that’s radically racist.

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what is a white church what is a black church? even those terms are dividing within themselves. These bat-crazy people won`t stop until an all-out ethnic war erupts and people are physically fighting or killing each other.


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Our church has some of every race, the pastor is black and his wife is latino. Wonder what these paragons of virtue are gonna teach us? :laugh


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As an aside Eli Lilly (pharmaceutical company - yes related to Lilly Endowment Inc.) is also pushing a satanic message in their latest health care commercial. In the commercial they state, "The body you were randomly assigned at birth should not determine how well you are cared for".

The Word of God is pretty clear, there was no randomness in any part of our creation. We are known and have been known, before we even were. - Thank you God.

Another perspective I located on the commercial in question.. “assigned at birth.” Hmm. What about the body for the previous nine months inside the mama’s belly? They are telling the viewer indirectly that you are not a human till you are born."

Troubling to say the least.
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