Elharrar ‘very hopeful’ Lebanon to accept maritime border agreement


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Elharrar ‘very hopeful’ Lebanon to accept maritime border agreement
The video was broadcasted hours before the US official mediating the maritime dispute, Amos Hochstein, was scheduled to meet Lebanese officials in Beirut.
Published: JULY 31, 2022

Israel made a serious offer to Lebanon and hopes to successfully bring maritime border talks to an end, Energy Minister Karin Elharrar said as US energy envoy Amos Hochstein arrived in Beirut on Sunday. “We submitted a proposal, a good, serious proposal for Lebanon,” that Hochstein will present on his visit, Elharrar said. “I call on Lebanon to take what is a very significant step for them towards becoming a country that produces gas, in order to solve their economic and energy crisis.”

The dispute between Israel and Lebanon on the demarcation of their border in the Mediterranean Sea has – in addition to severe government and economic instability – made it difficult for Lebanon to tap into its natural gas resources. The countries were in on-and-off US-mediated negotiations on the matter since 2020.

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