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Ghoti Ichthus

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The edit function is disabled/not available/not seen on my posts throughout the forum. It worked fine on the testing page.
Is the website being updated or attacked, or did I do something wrong?


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I'm pretty sure I can still edit posts

Edit: tested.

Are you clicking the three dots next to report?


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Due to the excessive editing and deleting of posts made I have changed the post editing time. Instead of an unlimited editing time, you have 10 minutes to edit your post now. This is standard on forums. Most forums do not have an unlimited editing option.

I have been upset and disturbed by the ongoing editing of posts with the "." mark and the "deleted" wording. It has caused other members to be concerned about a poster when they do this and it stresses people out. I think people need to slow down, decide if they need to post what they are about to post, and to check it before doing so. You still have 10 minutes to look at it and decide if you need to edit it.

To have pages and pages of edited out posts is unacceptable. It degrades the forum experience for everyone.

So, from now on make your post and if you need to edit it do so within 10 minutes or it is permanent. The admin team is also not going to go around the forums and delete posts for you either. We don't have time for that. I have actually asked a couple of people to stop doing that and they continue to do it. So, this is the only way I know to stop it.

This has been bothering me for a while and it needs to stop.

Now that you know the situation, I'm closing this thread. I don't intend to argue or negotiate on the topic. Sorry.
Not open for further replies.