Edelstein throws down the gauntlet against Netanyahu


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Edelstein throws down the gauntlet against Netanyahu
POLITICAL AFFAIRS: By stepping into the ring against Benjamin Netanyahu, the former Knesset speaker is betting that he can change the minds of the Likud faithful.
OCTOBER 14, 2021

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu ended his blistering critique of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett during a fiery Knesset debate on the state budget on Sunday by saying the Lapid-Bennett “airplane” was going down. Netanyahu’s speech was peppered with airplane imagery, having started by saying that as a three-year-old kid he set up chairs in the living room of his Jerusalem home in the shape of a plane, sat in the front chair, and called out to his mother: “Look, I’m a pilot, I’m flying a plane.”

“But I wasn’t. I sat in the chair as if I was a pilot,” he said. “When a three-year-old kid does this, it’s cute. But when Bennett sits in the prime minister’s chair and says, ‘I am the pilot, I am flying the plane, I am navigating,’ and in actuality he is not deciding anything, and he is not navigating to anywhere... it is not cute, it is pathetic, and I say it is even dangerous.”

Netanyahu returned to this aviation theme at the end of his 26-minute, oft-interrupted speech. “To dress up as a pilot does not make you a pilot. And to dress up as the prime minister, to have the title, and to be photographed against the green marble wall at the UN, does not turn you into a true prime minister.

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