Druze protests in southern Syria challenge regime


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Druze protests in southern Syria challenge regime
The protests have been prompted by widespread economic hardship.
Published: DECEMBER 12, 2022

Protesters in the Druze city of Suwayda in southern Syria have posed a rare challenge to the Syrian regime over the last week and a half. The protests have been documented online in several videos since early December. While it is difficult to judge their scope or size, the fact that there are open protests outside a Ba’ath regime headquarters is significant.

According to Suwayda24 and other media channels, protesters stormed the governor’s office on or around December 4 and took down images representing the regime, including photos of Syrian President Bashar Assad. A report at Middle East Eye noted, “Sweida [Suwayda] enjoys semi-autonomous rule where Druze militiamen known as Rijal al-Karameh (Men of Dignity) are largely responsible for its security.”

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