Douglas Moo and Romans


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Hey I was just wondering if anyone has read his commentary on romans, I hear it's good by tons of people. But, I am a little uneasy when I read what NT Wright said about him (Because it's wright): "Moo is in a different category again. Doug Moo, I would say, is a much greater Pauline scholar than either of the two I just mentioned [D. A. Carson and John Piper]. One of the things I really respect about Doug Moo is that he is constantly grappling with the text. Where he hears the text saying something which is not what his tradition would have said, he will go with the text. I won’t always agree with his exegesis, but there is a relentless scholarly honesty about him which I really tip my hat off to."

What is bolded, where does he trail off of this so called tradition that Wright refers to? (for those who don't know I ask this because wright thinks he's the anti-Martin Luther) I am not saying everybody's right but I mean, does he lean toward NPP?