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WHAT mATTERS? Don’t Give Up
“…Abraham believed God, and it was counted unto him for righteousness.” Romans 4:3

God promised eternal life to Abraham. God told him what He was going to do, which was to not only make Abraham the father of the Nation of Israel but also that through him the Messiah would come. Abraham believed Him. That moment of surrender and belief in what God declared can be compared to a Christian’s “born again” moment. God’s acceptance of Abraham was not based on what Abraham did, or what he was going to do, but it was based on Abraham’s belief and acceptance of what God said He was going to do. God then declared Abraham righteous and thus gave him eternal life. The rest of Abraham’s life was spent learning about and working out the supernatural life of God in him.

But Abraham did not always start out as a very good example of what a believer in God should look like. He failed miserably time and time again over the course of his life because he tried to accomplish the will of God by his own efforts, much like we do today. Look at some examples of Abraham operating in the flesh. After God had promised to give a designated land forever to Abraham, a famine came, and Abraham looked to the world for relief. Bad idea. He should have sought God for deliverance. Instead, he fled to Egypt and when asked, Abraham gave Sarah his wife to the king. He claimed she was his sister to save his own life. This doesn’t sound like a Godly husband to me. God intervened, protecting him and Sarah and they returned to the promised land. Then, Abraham remembered that God had promised him He would make him the father of innumerable descendants. After eleven years of having no children of his own and seeing how his wife was way past the age of producing babies, he decided he would help God out by having sex with his wife’s young handmaid, Hagar. He claimed her as his wife and their new baby as his heir. Why Sarah also thought this was a good idea, I don’t know. This child named Ishmael, became who is known as the father of all the Arabs today, and these descendants of Abraham’s work of the flesh are now the surrounding enemy nations of Israel. God then again intervened and fulfilled His promise through Abraham and Sarah by miraculously producing Isaac, the child of faith. There were other failures and victories, but the point is that God never went back on His promise to Abraham because of Abraham’s failures and works of the flesh. He grew Abraham’s faith by allowing Abraham to fail and for Abraham to see that even his best efforts could not accomplish what only God could do. Along the way, Abraham failed, repented, confessed his failure, then continued to walk by faith, trusting what God said was true. Abraham didn’t give up and neither did God. It is why Abraham is known as the “father of our faith.” Romans 4:11,12,16

We, like Abraham have been declared righteous by God based on His promise of eternal life through our personal faith in the Gospel. We cannot change the fulfillment of His promise because of our temporary dependencies and trust in our own efforts. God allows us to see our failures in the flesh and in fact, wants us to fail in the flesh in order that He can show Himself all-sufficient and faithful. What matters is that we do not give up. We are going to fail in the flesh, but we will endure to the end as God has promised. In these last days, it is vitally important for us to encourage and exhort one another daily, not pretending to be victorious all the time, but sharing our faults and praying for one another. If your salvation is based on what Jesus did, then nothing you can do or not do will change God’s promise. “Being confident of this very thing, that He which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:” Philippians 1:6 Don’t give up. We’re almost there.