Does Trump control the Fed?


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The Collapse of the Central Banking System Has Begun

JAN 25, 2023

Who controls the Fed?

For several years now, I have been telling everyone that Trump controls the Federal Reserve and that they are doing his bidding.

The Rothschilds are no longer the puppet masters of the most powerful central bank in the world.

Trump is now THEIR master.

The Rothschilds have completely controlled the entire global financial system for many generations. They created the Federal Reserve to be the most powerful central bank on the planet in order to control every government in every country.

By controlling the money supply of every nation, the Rothschilds made the entire population of the world debt slaves, as every government borrowed money from Rothschild-controlled central banks in order to finance everything, up to and including wars, their most profitable venture.

Going back to the Napoleonic Wars, where they manipulated the English Pound Sterling Bonds by causing a panic sell and buyback, thus giving them full control of the Bank of England while also putting the English Empire into massive debt, they have financed every side of all wars. In fact, they were even funding both sides of WW1 and WW2 before establishing the US dollar as the global reserve currency.

How did they do it?

They established a gold standard again for global currencies, which had fallen apart during WW1, as countries hoarded their gold rather than fulfilling their contractual obligations to one another. After WW2, the United States held the largest gold reserves, paving the way for the standard to come.

Bretton Woods Agreement

Touted as a way to create a global gold standard for currencies, the Bretton Woods Agreement pegged the US Dollar to a gold standard, making it the world’s reserve currency.

At this moment, the Federal Reserve became the most powerful bank on the planet.

The Rothschilds control of the world’s currency gave them control of everything.

Then came Trump.

Many of us know some history of Trump before he was president, and remember him filing for bankruptcy several times. He didn’t file for personal bankruptcy, but rather for chapter eleven for several of his businesses, and seemed to come out of it stronger.

That is because I believe Trump is a master of bankruptcy laws.

How do you free the world of the stranglehold the Rothschilds have over the entire global financial system?

How do you bring down the whole corrupt global debt system so you can replace it?

You bankrupt the system.

As a famous saying goes,

“When you owe the bank three hundred thousand dollars and can’t pay it back, you are in trouble. But when you owe the bank three hundred million dollars and can’t pay it back, then the bank is in trouble.”

The world is drowning in debt. Three hundred trillion dollars of debt, to be precise.

None of it can be paid back, which is why the enemy is desperate for a global reset, allowing them to confiscate all the assets. All of OUR assets.

But, as we know, Trump is always ten steps ahead of them.

How did Trump take control of the Federal Reserve away from the Rothschilds?

It started when he was first elected. The president is the one who appoints the board of governors to the Federal Reserve. There are seven total governors on the board, and when Trump was elected, there were already two vacancies that Obama had left for Hillary Clinton—his presumed successor—to fill.

‘They never thought she would lose.’


We then got three more resignations, including some that look like they may have been forced by Trump himself, such as Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer, who stepped down in 2017...

So, two vacancies and three early resignations allowed Trump to appoint five of the seven governors to the board of the Federal Reserve during his tenure.

Then Trump pulled a genius move. He appointed Jerome Powell, who was already on the board of governors, to the position of chairman, replacing Janet Yellen, who was Obama’s appointment. That freed up another vacant position on the board of governors, which gave him six out of seven total positions and near full control of the Federal Reserve...

Not many people caught this important news story from November 2019.

According to Zerohedge:

Moments ago, the Fed announced that in a previously unannounced meeting that was not on the official White House calendar, Fed Chair Powell met with Trump and Mnuchin at the White House "to discuss the economy, growth, employment and inflation", marking the second face-to-face meeting between the world's two most powerful people amid Trump's relentless criticism of the central bank. As a reminder, Powell had dinner with the president in February and the two have spoken by telephone since.

An unannounced meeting that also wasn’t on the White House schedule?


Several face-to-face talks, dinner together and phone calls? Nothing to see here, folks!

They talked about inflation?

Interesting, considering inflation was unleashed on the Biden Administration AFTER Trump left office and it has now helped trigger the collapse of the central banks debt system.

How’s that for timing?

So with Trump appointing all but one member of the board of governors over the Federal Reserve and the chairman he appointed cozying up to him, should it have been a surprise when this huge news hit?

Trump Rolls the Fed Into the Treasury

This was a massive story back in March 2020, right before Trump’s presumed imminent re-election, but it wasn’t talked about much in the media—aside from some of the financial media—and almost nobody knows about it.

I believe Trump used the plandemic the enemy launched on the world as the excuse he needed to roll the Federal Reserve into the US Treasury, which the President controls as part of the Executive Branch...

In other words, the federal government is nationalizing large swaths of the financial markets. The Fed is providing the money to do it. BlackRock will be doing the trades.

This scheme essentially merges the Fed and Treasury into one organization. So, meet your new Fed chairman, Donald J. Trump.

Trump assumed full control of the Federal Reserve, the most powerful central bank in the world...

Instead of bailing out central banks, Trump used this fund to bail out American companies that were struggling to survive during the plandemic, and forced the Federal Reserve to finance all of it.

The Federal Reserve and the US Treasury are now working for the American people, not the central banks.

With the Federal Reserve Note (US dollar) being the world’s reserve currency, and with countries forced to purchase oil in dollars, the Rothschilds and their global debt system is now hanging on the edge of a cliff. They no longer control the Fed or the dollar...

Remember when Trump first became president?

The Rothschilds controlled the Federal Reserve, and they quickly started jacking up interest rates on Trump’s administration in order to crash the market in an effort to stave off his chances of re-election.

But Trump used his bully pulpit to bash the Fed at the time for raising rates when all other central banks in the world were cutting theirs. He then started filling all the Fed governors vacancies, giving him total control.

Think Mirror

What has Powell and the Fed done since Biden became president?

They’ve raised interest rates faster and more aggressively than anybody expected, which has nearly crashed the market. I believe the market is going to go down further still, and that we’re entering a recession while Biden is president, earning him the blame.

Trump is master of the boomerang!

Crashing the market on Biden and the democrats to help destroy the democrat party was one benefit of the Fed raising rates to battle inflation, but not the biggest benefit.

What was?

When the Fed raised rates aggressively, it drove up the value of the dollar that every central bank is required to use in order to buy oil for their economies. Every central bank in the world was instantly put in financial trouble because their currencies were losing value against the dollar. In fact, three central banks have recently needed an emergency bailout because of this...

This has all been part of the plan from the beginning...

The Rothschilds were behind the US getting rid of the gold standard in 1971, which made the global reserve currency a fiat currency backed by nothing. At that moment, the Rothschilds had full control of the printing of currency and issuance of debt. Our debt has done nothing but grow ever since, now sitting at almost 32 trillion dollars and counting.

The rest of the world is also drowning in debt.

None of this debt was ever going to be paid back. You can’t keep borrowing forever and only making minimal interest payments. At some point, the interest payments become too high and you default. We were always going to reach the point of bankruptcy.

The question is, who is going to go bankrupt?...

Is the United States going to go bankrupt like Germany after World War 1 and Venezuela more recently? Or is the global central bank debt system going to go bankrupt?...The cracks are beginning to show in the global debt system...The Rothschilds’ central bank debt system is now competing with the Federal Reserve rather than controlling it.


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When obama was running I started doing research on the U.S. dollar. Yes what Lange says about the Rothchilds is all true. Why do you think that we went to war with Iraq?? Iraq, Iran, North Korea, and two more that I forgot do not have a Rothchild bank in their countries. I figure that is why we went to war with Iraq so they could get one of those banks.

Now I didn't catch what Trump did with the central bank til this article about it.

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I don't know why Trump is downplaying the consequences of not raising the debt ceiling?

It's going to be interesting to see how late this time they will raise it