Does God exaggerate?


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I'm curious what people's thoughts are. Does God use hyperbole or exaggerate? Does anyone have any examples of exaggeration in the Bible, and if so, how does one distinguish between a literal passage and an exaggeration?

For example, I take the description of the leviathan in Job to be a literal sea serpent that breathes fire, but I have heard some say it is simply an exaggerated crocodile.


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He uses word pictures, colorful metaphors, and symbology; but nothing is an exaggeration. Some day we will fully understand leviathan and all other descriptors that we cannot see/know on this side and it will be fully representative of the text as it was scribed from the Holy Spirit to the writers. There's so much we cannot understand in finite minds and in a snapshot of time that isn't the past or isn't on par with the mind of God. I'm excited about the learning that is coming.