Do you think Joe Biden is fit to be president?


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He is advancing rapidly into his dementia. It was evident before Nov. 2020, but as expected, the decline speeds up as more of his brain is engulfed in the rogue proteins that cause Alzheimer’s and other degenerative neurological diseases.
The whole world has watched this clown show for almost 3 years, and if ANYONE believes he runs the country, they belong in a padded room. He is the ultimate embarrassment to the US, but a fitting “end” to the death of America.
If I hear one more time “we are going to take our country back in Nov”, I will hurl. :doh


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Would your MIL be willing to run for office?
I have thought this through, and though your MIL
would win the Presidency, the pressures of the job
would be considered elder abuse.
Since we appear to have no hope of escaping the President we are saddled with, I have decided to
assist Joe with a cheat sheet. In the event he is going to speak on camera, the below is a list of the famous who have passed away, if he is unaware:

Thomas Edison
Al Capone
Paul Revere
Benjamin Franklin
Elvis Presley
Howard Hughes
Genghis Kahn
Herbert Hoover
J. Edgar Hoover
The Red Baron


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Am curious to see what they will do in November. (Who they will prance out to run for President). I cannot see Mr. Biden being able to run again.
Unfortunately, right now evidence is pointing to Gruesome Newsom being their candidate. After all, in the lunatic minds of the Democrats, Newsom has turned CA into a perfect Communist-Fascist dictatorship so he already has the experience, and all they need to do is help him do this on a grander scale.

Back to topic, no, Biden isn't fit to be a Walmart greeter ~ he'd be shaking hands with invisible people ~ much less POTUS. His dementia has been going on for at least 10 years now. Back in 2012, when he and Paul Ryan had their VP debate, I knew something was wrong with Biden. Many of his answers weren't making sense and the way he acted was "off." I remember telling dh that I thought Biden was either drunk or stoned on drugs that night, but looking back now I can see that it was most likely the dementia that was his problem. He's at a point now where Jill or somebody, including a costumed Easter bunny, has to guide him to wherever he needs to be ~ when left alone, he's wandering around, not knowing what he's supposed to do. If I didn't know what a conniving, corrupt criminal he's been all of his political career ~ and probably even before ~ selling out this country to our enemies and financially profiting from it personally, I'd feel sorry for him. As it is, he's reaping some of what he's sown in life. I do hope God will allow him some kind of cognitive clarity to understand he's lost and without Christ as his Savior before it's eternally too late.