Do you like hand bags?


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I do!!
More so in my youth, but I have a few splurges/gifts from my 20s/30s I use. I tend to change my mood a lot, so I change up bags a good bit. I favor timeless shapes and styles, so plan to carry these for years or pass them down to grand-daughters or DILs (assuming we'll be here that long. Maybe I can barter them for sugar in a few years LOL)

2 Tory Burch
1 Vintage Louis Vuitton handed down from my MIL
1 Coach
3 Michael Kors (and a wallet)
2 Le Pliage
1 Badgley Mischka
1 Fendi

And more tote bags than is healthy or needed! LOL

I don't consider myself a "designer" person in that I need the *name* (I did when I was young, though) but I do believe in getting what you pay for. All the above bags I have had for decades and probably cost less than all of the cheap bags combined I've bought over the years that fell apart, were too trendy or that I just didn't like anymore. Most I have gotten at discount stores like TJ Maxx, on sale, or as gifts.
I prefer designer brands because they are top quality, last a long time and are timeless. They are cool even if they are old. If they are taken care of, they hold their value well and can be sold.
I have 2 daughters so they can carry mine and can eventually have what I don’t sell.


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Since I posted in this thread a while ago, I feel like I have lost interest in my handbags since working from home. :sad
Not me but have moved to my new obsession. Jewelry. Just picked up a David Yurman Solari Double Tahitian Pearl in 18K gold with diamond pave. I’m looking at his bracelets now to stack with my Cartier Love Bracelet.

I saw these double diamond hoop earrings (3 carat tw) that’s in my basket to purchase.