Do You Have "God Moments" to share?


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There is a war going on around us we can't even begin to imagine. I've learned over the last few months though, when the Lord tells something to go, it goes. I'm not crazy, nor on any medication. This happened.
I totally believe you, and I bet everyone else on this forum believes you, as well. Personally, I think you've been allowed to hear the large footsteps of an angel who was sent to minister to you in your time of need. So-o thankful for this wonderful blessing! God could have answered the prayers in a different way and just let your doubts evaporate quietly. But, I think He wanted to give you a strong sense of what He was doing to help you. Such a loving, merciful God we serve. Not a sparrow falls to the ground without His awareness. Jesus said that we're (you are) of greater value than the sparrows. PTL!


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I have one I shared with Adrian on the phone. It seems like the attacks from the enemy are more frequent now, and I totally understand why. A dying person can be an incredible witness. I was in my office (at home) and kept having these weird thoughts pop into my head. "You're not saved. You're a fraud. You won't go to Heaven." Things like this, and they were really powerful. I was seriously starting to get down on myself. I felt something. I don't know how to explain it, but like something was walking in my hall outside the door and had heavy footsteps. It was something that could be FELT, not just "a feeling". It stepped into the doorway of my office and must have said "LEAVE". There has not been a single instance of doubt while in this office since that time. Something actually told the things causing my doubt to go away. There is a war going on around us we can't even begin to imagine. I've learned over the last few months though, when the Lord tells something to go, it goes. I'm not crazy, nor on any medication. This happened.
Wow — what assurance that the Lord is protecting you! Thank you for sharing and encouraging us all!

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There is a war going on around us we can't even begin to imagine. I've learned over the last few months though, when the Lord tells something to go, it goes.
What a lovely little episode Dan and thank you for telling us. How true it is Dan, "We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places" but sometimes we forget that great truth.

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What Do You Make Of This Experience?
For many years I was involved in the Philippines opposing communism. The communists were a serious threat to the Philippines in the 1980’s and early 90’s and threatened the Church. At least one Pastor we knew was killed and many of our supporters were also killed. We were there to educate the Church about the so-called Liberation Theology which is the Gospel perverted by Marxism.

At one time we were invited to the University of the Philippines which was a hotbed recruiting site for the Marxist-Leninists. We accepted that invitation and duly went there expecting a very warm welcome, if not a boiling hot one. The meeting went OK and we told the Truth of Marxism-Leninism to a rather hostile audience, but we had some supporters there. This is the background to the incident that follows.

Some time later I attended a conference in Sydney. It was run by the Communist Party Of Australia, but they did not know who I was. I attended these conferences regularly, but this one was a bit different for it had a Filipino speaker from the Communist Party Of The Philippines (CPP).

The Filipino speaker told of that meeting we had had at the University of the Philippines and focussed on our group. He was asked from the floor “Why did you just not shoot them when you had the chance?” He replied “Because they were surrounded by the military.” The problem was that we were not and, as far as we knew, there was not one soldier there. (We always avoided the involvement of the Philippines Army, but they sometimes attended our meetings and we did have meetings at Army Bases all over those Islands.)

At the time I just thought that he was lying, not a rare thing with communists, but later the thought came to me that maybe he really had seen “Soldiers” even though there were none. Was this the Hand of the LORD? Maybe it was, and only in Glory we will find out how often the LORD has intervened in our lives!
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This is one of my favorite threads to read through!
Yes, I agree! It's amazing how God ministers to His saints in such unique ways. A few months ago, I was scheduled for an appointment the following week at a major medical center. I was sitting next to my dh in church. He didn't have his arm around me at the time, but suddenly, I felt a gentle pat or two on my shoulder on the opposite side of where he was sitting. I looked behind me to see who could have patted me & no one was there to have done it. I shared this with my dh after church, and we decided that God was perhaps letting me know in a quiet way that He was with me and would be with me at my appointment.

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I couldn't wait to get here to share my God moment today! :) And get this thread bumped up too.

So, I have a confession to make. I love books, well, hoard books. It's just a medium size problem :hidebut I just love books, particularly good ones about the bible.

This last Christmas season I came across two little pamphlet books about Heaven by Randy Alcorn - mini versions of his book. I gave one away and kept the other for kiddos that come around the house to look at. It was like a little treasure to me and I was so happy to have it. A few days later, as I was writing a thank you to one of my relatives I wondered if perhaps there was something I could send them to point them to God. Then, my eyes happened upon this little treasure book about Heaven. I really had a bit of a tug of war in the heart about sending out that last booklet. But, I realized that this relative needed it more than I, with eternal consequences at stake.

So, I picked it up and prayed, "Lord, I know that you can bring another one of these around for me, so I'll send this one out." and I did. This was about two weeks ago and I forgot all about it. Today, while out and about, one of my kids unexpectedly texted me to ask me to bring something to school that they had forgotten and so I did, which brought me across town. I decided to stop in a grocery store I don't usually go to and pick up a few items when a persistent thought came to me to go take a look at a used book store near by that often has some good books in the sale section of the store. In fact, I found The History of the Church by Eusebius there a few weeks back!! That was a cool find!

So, I milled around the sale cart section and picked up a book. Then I went to the main section, but very quickly went back out, along with several other people, to the sale cart area as someone who was, well.....let's just say, highly odiferous had come into the main section and my nose couldn't take it. At that point I had squatted down to put my purse on my knees and dig around for some money to go back in quickly and pay for what I had. As I did that, my eyes happen to catch a little section of little devotional books on the second shelf of the cart that I had missed previously. As I looked closer I took in an astonished breath. For there, in mint condition, just as new as when I purchased those two little Heaven pamphlets, was exactly one little Heaven pamphlet book by Randy Alcorn!! But, for much less money. I just sat there smiling at how God got me there to see this little book that was hidden like a needle in a haystack.

God truly is faithful in 'little' things, and things that are big to us. :) :nod

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I've found that when I'm in a sad place or my heart is getting weary, something unexpected happens, where someone, even a stranger says something kind, or a baby smiles at me, or a dog comes up and licks my knees. It is all "you are loved, you are loved, you are loved" that message that I get. So, I try to put that message out to others with how I talk, smile, or look them in the eyes. Little things that make a huge difference when the world makes us feel more invisible every day. But God sees everything, our silent tears, or burdens.