Do You Have "God Moments" to share?


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You might enjoy the song, 'I Bowed on my knees and cried holy' I used to sing in a church choir and we sang this a lot. Loved it!
Wow! Just listened.
I never heard that before.
Anything that glorifies Jesus Christ thrills me.
I use to lead choir , but I always leaned towards the old time hymns, but I'll give new ones a chance and this was a good one.
I thought about how we all will spend time with Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
Peter and Paul.
Moses , Isaiah, Zechariah, Daniel ect...
I'm not going to name them all but you get the picture.
However, and more importantly, we will realize that it will take eternity to grasp the fullness and glory of our Lord and Saviour Jesus the Christ!
Absolutely AMAZING future reality.

Walter Kerr

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Walter, I think it's a YouTube link, and I'm not sure if we're allowed to post those anymore.
Thank you Lynn for aiming me in the right direction. I just watched two versions, the Gaither version and another with First Baptist Panama City choir. Both of them caused tears to well up in my eyes. Thank you Lynn for making me aware of this lovely hymn of praise to our loving Saviour.
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