Do You Have "God Moments" to share?


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I had a scary God moment in the Kings River too! Many years ago. Went tubing with some friends, it was spring, the river was WAY high, lots of rapids. They tied all the inner tubes together with a big rope. I was a timid, fearful person, I could barely swim and am afraid of water when I can't touch bottom or reach the edge. But I was trying to prove I wasn't a chicken, and I figured the tubes would be safe.

Going around a bend, my tube came loose from the rope and got sucked to the outside of the turn. The water was so fast that in a moment the others were out of sight! The river was so high, it was half way up the tree branches. I was hanging on for dear life, on my back on the tube. Ahead a big limb was across the water, about a foot above the water. I was afraid it would hit me in the face, so as I went under it I put a hand on it to help me pass under it. But the water sucked my inner tube out from under me and I grabbed the limb with both arms in that second. My tube was gone!

I was too far from shore to pull myself over, and the water was sucking at me so hard I couldn't let go enough to try. I thought I was going to die that day. YET--I had this strange feeling that I was NOT! Of course I am praying like crazy. How was God planning to help me? It looked and felt hopeless. A couple was fishing upriver from me. I yelled but the water was too loud, and they didn't hear me. I knew if I let go I'd get sucked under and caught in branches. My head was just above water. But somehow I had no fear, only peace.

Finally after an eternity, I saw a fellow from our group. He had been wearing a wetsuit and flippers and had managed to get to the shore after he saw my predicament. He was carrying a tube. He crawled out into the tree as far as he could, but was still 8-10 feet from me. He yelled as loud as he could, so I could hear him over the water, that he was going to throw the tube to me, and I had to grab it. I can still hear his words: "IT'S YOUR ONLY CHANCE!!!" I nodded and prayed. He threw it. I let go and grabbed it! Thank you Lord!

Down the river I went! He dove in and caught up to me and we went down the river together till he could get me to the shore where I could recuperate. He had saved my life. My clothes were practically pulled off me and my hair was full of branches and I was exhausted. I decided I really didn't need to pretend I wasn't chicken; from now on I was just fine with being a chicken, and I would not do anything like this again. But God had told me I was going to be OK, and I was.
It is a powerful river! I can picture your story exactly! Wow. The Lord clearly spared you that day!

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I screamed, “JESUS!” The second I called on His name, my husband’s head bobbed up! He put our dog on the log and they both got back to shore. I was shaking!
That brings to mind another Scripture that must also be TRUE. "And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify Me." It is rather wonderful that all our "problems" will be sorted by our loving God and Heavenly Father because it glorifies Him. This thread does indeed honour our Lord and Saviour.

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... I would love it if somehow God could take this thread and preserve it ...
Mary Brown, who started this thread, and I used to correspond privately. She once asked me if I could turn the entire thread into a book. I did not have the time to do that then, and even less now, but maybe someone could do so. I don't know how Chris would feel about it, so anyone who is interested would have to check with him first.


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What a wonderful God-honoring thread!!! I have so many examples and one day when I have the time I will share them. Until then I will just eavesdrop on the mighty works God has done in y'alls lives! I cannot tell you just how much it blesses me to see our awesome God and Savior glorified in this way!

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Amazing stories of God's grace and protection. :nod

God helped me out yesterday and I thought of this thread immediately to come and share.

One of my kiddos has been sick with a fever (that's over) and now a cough. I was gone last weekend and so I needed to go get some soup that is popular at the house and also healthy to keep strength and healing up. I could see that a little immune system support was needed to push the healing along. So, picked that up at the store and went into the cashier's line to pay. My card was denied several times. I couldn't wrap my head around why, especially since I had checked our account yesterday. In addition I had returned a banker's phone call to see why they had called, to which they confirmed that all was well (guess our bank has been targeted for scamming). The gentlemen at the time was not able to see what fraud protection could see apparently.

I felt frustrated at the store and commented that I really needed this soup for my sick kiddo and wondering why the card was denied. While digging in my purse for some cash which was just enough for one can of soup, a manager which had been called over suddenly said, "It's fine, it's all been paid for!" I commented that we certainly had the money to pay, it's just being held up for some reason. She smiled and said, "Just pay it forward when you can."

I kind of felt bad because I wasn't trying to get something for free.....but the other cashier said, "Just don't worry about it."

I realized then that God in His grace was helping me out and to just let Him do that. I was so thankful for His help.

As far as the bank, I later learned that afternoon that my card number had either been skimmed somehow, or as the teller said, was most likely numbers being keyed in randomly by someone which happen to be my card. They had done a $2 dollar test purchase from somewhere that our bank was already alert to as being a fraud problem. So, they shut things down really fast and our account was protected.

Whew! Thank you God for watching over! :nod Little did I know that the 'problem' at the cash register was actually a good thing.

So, I praise God for His care. :thankyou:bow


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Mary Brown, who started this thread, and I used to correspond privately. She once asked me if I could turn the entire thread into a book. I did not have the time to do that then, and even less now, but maybe someone could do so. I don't know how Chris would feel about it, so anyone who is interested would have to check with him first.
I don't see the advantage to that. Even self-publishing is a complicated, time-consuming process, and money must usually be paid up front. People would then have to pay money to buy the book, instead of reading it for free on this thread. And if it were published, new stories could not be added; on here, the thread continues to grow as anyone can add to it whenever they like. I vote for leaving it as is!


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new stories could not be added; on here, the thread continues to grow as anyone can add to it whenever they like. I vote for leaving it as is!
You make an excellent point, Jan. By keeping this thread open as it is now, it remains fluid, as God is 'always' leaving His handprint in the lives of His children. By reading this thread, new people who come here only to read & don't yet post, can be encouraged spiritually even if we never know they're here. This same thing applies to our regular members as well. I am finding these personal accounts to be faith builders, as I read of the mercy, love, compassion & gracious provision of our great Almighty God. I vote with you, Jan.


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Little did I know that the 'problem' at the cash register was actually a good thing.
I drew a similar conclusion a few days ago!

I prefer to mow the plentiful weeds around our five acres with the lawnmower (raised blade) rather than the string mower, which is harder on my wrists, even if I wear braces. Several weeks ago I was mowing weeds along the road and the mower was running real rough, like it was about to die. I'd noticed it getting worse the last half dozen times I'd used it. I had scraped the built-up crud out from underneath and sprayed WD40, no difference. I had checked the oil. I prayed about it the whole time I mowed, that somehow God would help me in spite of my mechanical ignorance. (My husband, due to physical and mental issues, is no longer able to help me with things.)

I finished and had started pushing it into the driveway when a neighbor drove by and stopped; he asked me if I'd like him to do the front field with his riding mower. I declined and thanked him, but mentioned my mower concern. He said he had heard it running rough; he took a look at it, and noticed my air filter had come off! And because I am not very mechanical, I hadn't even noticed! He said there was probably dirt in the engine, and agreed to look at it for me. Then I told him I had JUST been praying about this, and that God had already answered my prayer by having him stop by! A week later he cleaned it up a little for me and put a filter on that I had bought, and rigged up a makeshift filter cover, but it still didn't sound good and didn't even want to start.

I had been starting to feel overwhelmed with all the weed mowing and wondered if we should think about a used riding mower for me, but really didn't want to do that. I prayed about the whole mower situation for a couple weeks. A few days ago I needed to mow the lawn but now it wouldn't even turn over. I realized it was time to get a new mower. I have always had a push mower because I liked the exercise, but I realized that maybe now was the time to get a self-propelled. It would make mowing weeds so much easier, AND then I wouldn't be thinking about a riding mower. So I went to town, praying all the way, to the store I knew had the most mowers to choose from, found a knowledgeable helpful guy, who showed me what I needed, filled it with gas and oil, started it up, and in 15 minutes I was headed home with my new self-propelled mower. I was so happy!

On the way home from town, it occurred to me that the "problem"--me losing the filter and wrecking the motor--was probably "of the Lord" as God's way to push me (haha--pun!) to get the right mower that would solve my problems! And I love using it! Truly God causes all things to work together for good!

Walter Kerr

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The headline on the front page of the Sunday Paper said, “Three Over Cliff Trusted God.” I was one of those three people. The pertinent parts of the report quoting my comments said,
“A man yesterday said that he and his friends had survived a 300 feet plunge because they had put their faith in God … It happened so quickly, one moment we were singing ‘He’s Got The Whole Wide World In His Hands’ and the next we were rolling backwards over the cliff … We got out and we all got down on our knees and thanked God for our survival.”

It happened like this. It was the tenth of May 1958 and I had stayed overnight at a newly married friends house. He had only weeks before got his driving license was now keen to show off his new car, a Morris Minor. He had only been licensed to drive for a few weeks and thus had very little driving experience.

He was quite excited about it and so we went for a run in the Morris Minor. I was in the back seat, his wife in the passenger seat. We were going down a mountain pass with all the usual tight corners when he got a “bright idea” so he later told me. That idea was to frighten me, and he succeeded beyond his wildest hopes. We went into a tight corner at a bit of a speed. He panicked and slammed on the brakes really hard causing the car to go broadside and worse, heading straight for a wall of solid sandstone. The road had been cut into the side of the mountain and we were heading straight for the side of that mountain and expecting a rather brutal and instant stop. He grabbed the wheel and wrenched it around suddenly, resulting in the car spinning right around and now we were plunging off the mountain backwards. The drop was about 300 feet and it was straight down.

These days, I live about 15 minutes walk from that spot and that dreadful drop is still there, but now it has a crash-barrier designed to stop any wayward adventurers driving over. As you have already guessed I survived and so did my friend and his good wife. Why did we survive that dreadful plunge? There are many reasons not the least of which was the actions of the Lord who knows the end from the beginning.

Our survival, humanly speaking, was because we fell into the tops of the trees that stretched up from the valley floor. The car’s fall was slowed down considerably as we crashed into the very tops of the forest of trees resulting in the rear bumper bar being caught by a branch that held it tight. The bumper bar ended up being shaped like an inverted letter V. The bumper bar was left in the trees as it was stretched by the momentum of the car before the car broke free, but the bumper bar had done its job slowing the car down from its free fall. But that wasn’t all that the Lord had planned.

By the grace of God the ground we landed on was at a very steep angle. The ground was going “downhill” from the perspective of the car so that when we landed on it we did not come to an instant stop, rather we landed on a gently gliding slope. It was a slope that you could not walk up, but ideal for a small car that was seeking a soft landing spot. That again was the work of the Lord. Then came a big crunch as we ran into another tree that was positioned at the edge of yet another drop of about 50 feet. That tree, planted by the Lord 200 years before we arrived, stopped our plunge immediately. He truly knows the end from the beginning.

We came to rest and assessed the situation. I wound down the window and looked out and the first thing I noticed was the great tree holding us fast from the next drop of 50 feet onto solid rock. “Thank You Lord.” The driver had broken his collar bone and his wife had a very nasty gash on her leg, but otherwise we were all OK. “Thank You Lord.” I did have a tiny scratch on my right arm and it was so small that I did not lose one drop of blood. For some reason the sole of my shoe was flapping about so you could say that, “I nearly lost my sole” if you were so inclined.

So there we were. I was still in the backseat and his wife was also now in the back seat. There were no seatbelts in those far-off days and so she had bounced around a bit. The driver told me later that he had a very solid grip on the steering wheel at all times and the sort of helped him remain in the driving seat. As we fell I recalled something that my father had said, The problem in crashes is that you bounce around inside the car and get hurt.” That came to my mind the instant we left the road in a backward direction and so I grabbed the underside of my seat and held on quite literally “for dear life.” And that is why I never moved at all in the plunge, or was it? Maybe the Lord had His little finger on me holding me safe? That is the interpretation that I like best.

No one had seen us fall so we had just disappeared into the valley of doom, as we subsequently called it. So we had to rescue ourselves by walking down the valley to a spot where the way up to the top was walkable and so we eventually clambered up to the road. It was a lonely road, and still is some 61 year later, but eventually a VW Kombi Van came by and it was large enough for the three of us to fit in and they drove us to the Hospital. It was the people in that car that reported it to the media and, an hour or so later, two reporters arrived at the hospital. That is how the story made headlines, not only in the Sunday Papers but we also rated page three in the Monday morning Paper. And so the Lord rescued us from otherwise certain death and to Him alone goes our Thanks and Praise, Thank You Dear Lord.”

It Was Truly A God Moment
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