Do You Have "God Moments" to share?


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A great one for me was when I stopped to straighten my hair this morning (something I never do) before heading to school. I left later than I usually do, but then the traffic came to a standstill on the interstate. A wreck had happened a minute before I came up on it, and had I not left later this morning, I might have been in it.


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I'd call this an encouraging "God moment"...a couple of days ago hubby and I were standing in the line at the grocery store, and this lady comes up behind us and says to us “Wish I had a frame - the way you two are with each other, that would make a perfect picture.” We thanked her for the compliment, and then she asked me how long we’d been dating..and with a smile on my face and laughing a little I said “we’ve been married 27 years” and she said “and still dating, aren’t you?” (We all laughed). Anyway, I think the lady was a Christian by other things she said but that was honestly one of the strangest, out-of-the-blue, (and most pleasant) encounters we’ve had with anyone in recent memory.


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My teenage daughter and I are very close. (We've been through a lot together.) If she's away for more than a couple of hours she will text or call. A couple of years ago she had been gone for a couple of weeks and we had been texting. I said "I love you kid." Her response (instead of the usual I love you too) was "I know you do, Dad." That was the most touching and most needed reply I've ever received.
I hope to hear that same reply from the Lord some day when I tell Him I love Him.


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Some years ago I was able to watch a little wild bird beat the odds for about three years. Poor little bird had lost one "foot" and was walking around on the stub pecking for bugs. I named her Peggy because of her 'peg' leg. I meant the name to be endearing not to make fun of. She had a mate that stayed with her, walking along with her searching for bugs.

I think they stayed where they were for winter instead of migrating, because the other birds of their kind weren't around for winter.

I threw out bread crumbs sometimes but I was so impressed with how those two survived together. When I felt things were getting tough in my life, I only had to think of Peggy.

I moved away from her so I don't know how long she lived, but I thank God for introducing me to Peggy. She's one of my fondest memories.

That little gal had grit. What a blessing she was.


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Here's one from the 1990s and hopefully folk are okay in that this one involves a vision from a visiting Christian lady to the church I was in at the time, but the story develops into something that was a great God moment that I will never forget.

Firstly, just to provide a little background, it was 1994 and at the time I was in a church that was quite legalistic. I had doubts about my salvation and my security in the Lord. While the Bible contains the promises, I had trouble seeing those promises as personal.

Anyway on a particlar Sunday at the church, the pastor offered to pray for people at the conclusion of the meeting. After he prayed, the visiting lady asked if she could share. The pastor obliged. The lady simply saw the blood of Jesus was covering me. That was all I needed to know! The pastor also had a word directly from Psalm 1 verses 1-2 which reads:

Blessed is the man
Who walks not in the counsel of the ungodly,
Nor stands in the path of sinners,
Nor sits in the seat of the scornful;
But his delight is in the law of the Lord,
And in His law he meditates day and night

Which at the time was very true in my life.

Several years later, in another church at a prayer meeting. A lady praying with us in the small group suddenly calls for the Bible as she felt a strong impression to read a scripture to me.

That scripture was....

Psalm 1 verse 3!

He shall be like a tree
Planted by the rivers of water,
That brings forth its fruit in its season,
Whose leaf also shall not wither;
And whatever he does shall prosper.


This came with advise that as I wish to be fruitful in the Lord that I stay close to Him and dig my roots deep in the Lord.

Just to note that this wasn't about worldly prosperity as it may be construed but about growing in the Lord and bearing fruit and so on.

Point being, a continuous narrative of God speaking to me through His word though at different times and places. Quite remarkable! Though I don't doubt God speaks to us in a lot of ways and could share some others.


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A few days ago I thought I heard a strange sound coming from my left front brake. I really had no reason to suspect a problem as the front brakes were just replaced about 10,000 miles ago, but I had a strong feeling I should pull my left front tire off and check them anyway. I took one look and knew I needed to get it to the shop a.s.a.p.. The mechanic said I was right on the verge of losing my brake fluid due to piston failure on the caliper, which meant I would have had no brakes.

I thank God for allowing me to hear that slight sound in one of the few times I had my radio turned off.
Thank you Lord.


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Thank You LORD for prompting Allen to check his failing brakes.

Thank You LORD for all the times Your people have survived car troubles that have killed many others under similar conditions.

I was reminded, Allen, of a time when I did lose my brakes. It is a very sinking feeling to press on the brake pedal and keep going full speed! The master cylinder cracked on a VW bug I was driving and I had no idea until the brakes did fail. Fortunately in a VW one generally "gears down" when approaching an intersection, and for some reason I had enough knee jerk reaction to also apply my emergency brake. Not because I am experienced or in any way car smart, but it was just one of those automatic reactions that I did not even think about until it was done. Strange things like that have no other explanation aside from a divine guidance intervention, IMVHO.


Glad you did not hurt yourself or anyone else with failing brakes!


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We were kids, maybe I was 8 or 9. My brother must have been 5 or 6. Our parents were buying a house, and we were over there for some final inspection or something one evening. We wanted to run around the yard outside, and check out the awesome woods the house backed up to. We asked could we go in the woods, and yes, but not very far. Well, we chased off in there, way too far, and chased each other around and we realized it was getting dark, and nothing looked familiar. We got scared, and I was really scared, because I was responsible for my brother. Now, we weren't "Christians", our family didn't go to church, and we weren't raised in the faith particularly much other than God existed. Anyhow, I had the thought that maybe I should try praying. So I got my brother to bow his head, and I prayed God please help us get back to the house. When we opened our eyes, I noticed a barb wire fence running through the woods. I hadn't seen it before in the trees. (Later, I learned it belonged to a man named Mr. Landon, who had oxen, and owned a lot of the woods behind our new house.) I just knew that if we followed it, we'd get back to the house. So we go along, following this fence, down a hill and up a hill, and then I could see the roof of the house off to our left and we walked up into the backyard about time the lightning bugs were coming out real good.

I can't remember if I thanked God that night or not.


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I get a God moment almost every day, but especially when my church has night service. See morning service is Sunday school, and then church...and its broken up into age groups. Junior high and senior high kids have a separate Sunday school class from me, but they attend church with me.

But not the younger kids, they have junior church, or worship in their classes...BUT night service is family worship. At the end, it's a typical Baptist Church in that there is an altar call for the lost, or those who need to have time with God on their knees for whatever reason.

My youngest daughter, Reyna, is 6, and was saved right before Christmas. Praise God! But every single altar call, she is right up there, on her knees, praying to her heavenly Father. One time, she was getting past me, and I asked her what she was doing, and she said, "I've got to pray mommy, right now."

She has such spirit filled prayers, whenever I ask her to pray over a meal, or we pray before bed. It's such a blessing to me. Because I had the same love for God when I was young, but I wasn't saved because I was raised in a works based religion.

It does my heart good, and my spirit leaps with joy to know that she, and all my kids, and my husband and I are all saved. And not because we deserve it, but simply because we accepted the free gift given to us by Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. He paid it all, so my debt is paid.

I'm square with the house.


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Talking about brakes. Back in 2011 I was heading into work when my dashboard displayed a symbol code. I looked up the symbol code in the vehicle manual and it indicated a "4 wheel drive problem". I made it into work and called up the dealership and told them what the problem code was and asked if I can take it locally to have repaired instead of driving another 40 miles to their shop. They said its o.k. so I contacted a local garage shop 1 mile away and they were free right then to look it over and fix. So my co-worker followed me so I could get a ride back to the office. I told the mechanic "according to the symbol across the dashboard it looks to be a 4-wheel drive issue". As soon as we got back to the office, my phone was ringing and its the mechanic. He said, "honey, you don't have a 4-wheel drive problem, you have no brakes!" Apparently the brake line underneath rusted out. I was just so thankful the Lord protected me and put that warning across the dashboard because there was no indication that my brakes were faulty until the mechanic drove it into his garage!
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I remember my driving days when I was in my twenties. I was driving a familiar two-way, two-lane straight stretch of road on a highway I traveled often. One day while driving alone, I decided to pass the car in front of me. I was fully commented to the pass as I was in the wrong lane when I realized that I had made a very bad mistake.

I saw the on coming car in my lane and knew that I did not have time to make the pass. I remember thinking, well, this is it, I'm going to die. I'm sorry Lord. I continued on, and in a split second, I had passed the car and was in my own lane just as the oncoming car passed.

Either my calculations were wrong and I did have time to pass, (but I don't think so,) or somehow physics were altered and I was able to safely complete the pass.

What a foolish kid I was! I've thought back on that now and then and remember how close I came to cheating death. It was a long time before I passed another car and when I do, I'm so much more careful than I was on that day.

Sometimes I wonder if God wasn't saving the person in the oncoming car and I just benefited from it. But I am aware that He was thinking of me as well. I've just felt so very unworthy for my foolishness.


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One evening our son and I agreed to pray 17 That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him:
18 The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints,
19 And what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power, Eph 1:17-19 (KJV) each night for a month for his mother. Within 6 weeks she was gloriously saved by Jesus Christ the Savior of sinners.


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I've dusted off my all time favorite God moment from my early childhood and I'm going to tell you all about it.

Some time between the ages of 4-6, I decided that I was going to pray for green eyes. My cats all had the absolute most beautiful jade green eyes, and mine were pale blue. Every day, every day, every day I prayed. I would look in the mirror in anticipation. Every day, every day, every day for a looonnnnggg time my eyes were pale blue when I would look expectantly into the mirror. But I was undaunted in my desire to have green eyes, and I was undaunted in my prayers to God for same. I kept praying.

This must have gone on for months. So long, in fact, that I had almost given up thinking I could have my prayer answered. But I tenaceously persisted in praying, hoping, and trusting God.

One day I awoke and looked into my mirror, and I gasped. My eyes were green! I crossed both of my arms over my chest in a kind of a self hug of wonder. I walked around in that orientation pretty much all that day. I did not tell anyone why I was so quiet and contemplative either.

To this day my eyes are still green.

My ophthalmologist always tells me they are blue though.

I like to ask people what color my eyes are, because if they say "green" I pretty much know they are believers with eyes to see God's wonders.

Love you all, brothers and sisters. Please keep sharing your God moments with me until Our Father calls us home!


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I should add something here I believe. Just to clarify, what follows is totally a subjective viewpoint on my part. I don't profess to have a true revelation from God on this following scenario.

About 5 or more years ago the Holy Spirit just put it on my heart to begin praying for and watching for the rapture of the church bride. I have prayed for the rapture pretty much nonstop most days every time I think about the LORD, which is fairly often I'd say. Probably about 99.9% of my prayers are for the rapture nowadays.

I'm expectantly waking up every morning only to find His answer was "not just yet, Mary".

I can assure you that I do believe I will see this prayer answered (whether in my lifetime or not), and I am positive I will literally gasp at the glory of being in Our Father's House.

You see, I totally trust God to fulfill His promises to us, and because the Holy Spirit has prompted this huge desire in me to pray fervently for the rapture, I am *sure* it will happen soon!

So, see you here, there, or in the air my friends! Our very best God moment of all eternity is yet to be! I pray for many who are reading on this forum but not yet believers to join our ranks before that most fervent prayer is answered.



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Another "God-moment" winter day years ago, I was trying to pull out of our VERY snow filled driveway and got REALLY, I'm thinking of calling AAA, then I thought, "Why not pray for a tow truck?" :hehheh

Then, a few minutes later, this tow truck shows up seemingly out of nowhere, and this guy gets out and says to me "Need some help?"

So, I thanked the guy and then all the way to work I was thanking God too for answering such a simple prayer....:yeah:


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Love reading all your "God moments!"

Here is an oldy:

I was studying in the Dominican Republic. I had an evening class after which I had to take two public cars to get to my apartment. Public cars were small sedans owned by private citizens with a license to transport passengers. In the evening, crowds gather at the stops because 7pm is rush hour (Workers take afternoon siestas from 12m-3pm).

The class went long. The crowd was huge at the first stop. Cars were full and not stoping unless someone was being dropped and then just one or two passengers were taken. About an hour later I was picked up and driven to the next stop. The crowd was still big. No street lights. It started to rain.

An hour went by. It is now around 10pm. I am tired, soaking wet, cold, standing in the dark with a few strange men. I prayed quietly and hung to the Lord with all my mind. Then the rain stopped...over my head. I looked up and a big black umbrella was covering me. Without turning completely I saw a big tall man holding it. I could not see his face. I heard a noise and looked back into the street. A public car had parked in front of me. It was empty! The man with the umbrella opened the front passenger door for me and he proceeded to sit in the back. He then paid for both of us and I felt safe. I told the driver were to stop and without daring to look at the stranger I said : Thank you. He said, please hurry home and God bless you.

I don't know if He was a kind stranger, a compassionate brother or an angel. It doesn't matter to me. To this day I know he was under God's orders. :nod
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