Do You Have "God Moments" to share?


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I don't think I mentioned this before. If I have then ah well. :heh

I was doing my laundry and as I was doing it I was chattering, in my head, to our Father and because I can't think of a better way of doing this I'm going to put it down like a script. The conversation went like this:

Me: "You know I've been wondering, human beings are such a pain in the butt and they cause You so much grief so in light of that why do You love us?"

Him: "Because I created you."

Me: "Oh, Okay. But because You're outside of time and for You everything has already happened, is happening, etc, You must have realised what a pain in the butt the human race was going to be and how much heartache we were going to cause You. So with that in mind why did You create us?"

Him: "Because I love you."

Awesome Cireth!!! He speaks to me like that as well....
" Because I love you"!
I dont think we truly understand Gods love for us!!! Maybe when we are in new bodies and with Him in heaven, we will have a better understanding of His love!!


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:agree Amen brother. I was just thinking this morning that His Love is beyond comprehension. It is truly awesome. :)

Also, last week I found out that my favourite primary school teacher (grade/middle school for the US) goes to my new (been going for a couple of months) church. I said hello but I didn't think she recognised me. I found out today that she did recognise me but wasn't sure so didn't want to say so 'till she was able to confirm it today. :D
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Okay I'm going to share a God moment from when I was in the fourth grade. One day I was walking home from visiting a friend. When I got to a street I had to go down to get home I could see three boys that I knew were bullies and they had rocks in their hands. They were daring me to come down the street and I knew they would hurt me if I did. I prayed to Jesus to help me and an unusual anger rose up in me. I started saying did they think that Jesus could only see them when they were in Sunday School?! I told them that Jesus is God and He could see them where ever they were and that He knew everything they did no matter where they were. They looked at me in astonishment for a few moments, and then they dropped their rocks and walked away without another word. I was also astonished because I knew those words did not come from my mind, and I knew God had answered my prayer. I walked on air the rest of the way home. It was wonderful.

Great story Cali, reminds me of the old Army/Navy Surplus store we used to visit as kids to marvel at all the gear and stuff. There was a sign hanging from the ceiling, "No shoplifting. God is watching you."

Lord, I pray that if times get hard and You send a bucket of KFC to Geri, that You would put a single anchovy in there, wrapped in tinfoil. Since You are God, and nothing is too difficult for You, I also ask that You would filet that anchovy so that there is not a single bone left in it. Thank You Father. :pray


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Not sure if this is qualifies as a God moment, but I certainly want to praise Him for His loving care for us.
Our daughter's pick-up truck is 14 years old and she recently found out that the repair garage found a code. The transmission is going. To compound things, she lives 7 hours from us, in Ottawa. She is working for basically minimum wage at a horse farm, and can't get a loan even for a used vehicle that's good enough to travel back home when she needs to, or for vacations.
We have a 3 year old pick-up and are paying for it on finance, with about 9K to pay off yet. We knew that neither our daughter nor us had the money to put on a down payment for a new vehicle. What we wanted to do was sell our daughter our nearly new vehicle, and get a new pick-up ourselves, but we had no money to pay off the finance on our 3 year old truck. In the course of conversation and dealing with our local dealer, Praise God, we have a deal that is great for us, and our daughter!!
There was a deal on vehicles this time of year, because newer models are coming........ 0% for 72 months!!! Because we owed money on our pickup, the company financing the new pick-up said that we could finance the new truck for 0.5% over the 72 months, no down payment is needed, and the 0.5% is part of the payments on the old truck.
We made a deal with our daughter... we are selling her our 3 year old truck, interest free for 5 years. She is so tickled.... she thought she'd have to pay about 2x the monthly finance, that she had pencilled out. She doesn't have to make a down payment. With her payments to us, it will actually cost us LESS to finance the new truck, than our current 3 year old is costing us.
We are both So relieved. I'm sure this is a boost to our daughter's faith as well. :)


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:bighugI love this thread! The stories show how God does care about His children, even to the smallest detail. There is a book called God Winks (I think), but tells about "coincidences" that really are God winking at us and saying,"How about I give you a hand here."

I have many little winks and nudges over the years that I'm convinced that God or His angels had a hand in protecting my family or giving me insight or a peek at eternity. The one that is surely one that saved my son,my grandson and myself from death or serious injury happened about 9 yrs ago. We were returning from a visit to my family about an hour and a half away on a highway that is in the process of being made into 4 lanes. It's a main east-west route in Iowa and very busy, but only about 3/4 done. There are areas that narrow down from divided 4 lane back to 2 lanes in certain places. The road that the incident happened on was one of those areas and people who are going 65+ mph have to slow to 55+, but since it's 2 lane they have to stop in the road to turn left off of it. The other thing is that I've always prayed for The Lord to watch over as we travel,protect us from harm and set His angels on guard about us before we travel ever since the children were babies. Besides this one there are several other instances over the years that it was only God's hand over us that prevented something really bad from happening when traveling.

Anyway, we were coming off of the 4 lane and were maybe a mile on the 2 lane, so I was still probably not going as slow as I should have been. When my son started saying,"Cars, cars, CARS!!" I don't know why I hadn't seen the cars ahead of me had stopped because the first one was making a left turn off the highway. It was obvious that I would hit them even if I hit the brakes, which I did causing the back to fishtail some on the highway. I remember looking at the situation as if time had slowed down to allow me to decide how to react. I looked at the oncoming lane and there was traffic, couldn't pull over that way. I looked to the shoulder which was gravel and the ditch on the right. Thankfully, the ditch was a shallow one that was relatively wide at the bottom and I was able to pull into it and while we were going pretty fast when we entered it, I was able to slow down and pull back up onto the shoulder ahead of the stopped cars maybe 100 ft past them.:yikes

I put the car into park and we just sat there a little while somewhat stunned by the near brush with tragedy . One of the cars from the line slowly drove by looking at us and my son waved at them to say we were okay. I turned to look at my 2 y.o. grandson in the back seat and he was still sound asleep in his car seat.

The 2 things that most amazed me was where this took place because the ditches up to this short section of road had been rather steep and were only more shallow here because of the upcoming widening to 4 lanes and the fact that time seemed to actually slow down to allow me to evaluate which way to go effectively without injury to anybody.

Only God's intervention allowed us and everyone else on the road there to return home that day uninjured or to have escaped dying. I was also able to speak with my son about how The Lord loves us all so much that He died for us and continues to this day to look out for us. I think his mind was opened a little more that day because of the situation and perhaps that seed will someday be the one that sprouts into belief. There was no denying the fact that there had been some supernatural intervention on the road that day.

I like to think of His Angels flying by or on top of the vehicles when we are traveling, as He had promised them to guard our steps in this world.

Psalm 91:11-12New International Version (NIV)
11 For he will command his angels concerning you
to guard you in all your ways;
12 they will lift you up in their hands,
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.

Walter Kerr

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The Lord did provide for you moosejive, no doubt about that.
I was also able to speak with my son about how The Lord loves us all so much that He died for us and continues to this day to look out for us. I think his mind was opened a little more that day because of the situation and perhaps that seed will someday be the one that sprouts into belief.
That seed will sprout, the Lord is faithful.

The Lord allows all sorts of things to guide us into His way. Some seem unlikely to achieve any good, some seem too insignificant to matter, but all the while His loving hand is there gently aiming us into the way we should go.

One advantage of age is that you can look back and truly know, "Hitherto has the Lord helped (or led) us." 1 Samuel 7:12


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On Saturdays I used to take my son to work with me. I had been working long hours for quite a while. On the way home the weather was warm and the sun was really warm. I started feeling drowsy. I usually fight it off and have driven many miles without much sleep. But I failed and dozed off behind the wheel on the express way. The next thing I knew if felt like I had really hit my funny bone in my elbow. Only there was nothing to bump my elbow on in the car. I figure that God decided to wake me up in a hurry.


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On Saturdays I used to take my son to work with me. I had been working long hours for quite a while. On the way home the weather was warm and the sun was really warm. I started feeling drowsy. I usually fight it off and have driven many miles without much sleep. But I failed and dozed off behind the wheel on the express way. The next thing I knew if felt like I had really hit my funny bone in my elbow. Only there was nothing to bump my elbow on in the car. I figure that God decided to wake me up in a hurry.

"Mysterious ways" Carl.
:biggrin Indeed! Just the last several days I was thinking of posting Carl is MIA from the forum!!! :lol

Good to see you on this thread after that Carl! Do drop in a little more often! :hug


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What a wonderful and beautiful thread!! THANK YOU for bumping it or I might have missed it. :)My son's 3rd grade teacher calls these "God's Winks" and it stuck in our house. We've had so many!!

One that pops in to my head right away is from a long time ago. I had just suffered an ectopic pregnancy and was devastated. I wanted so desperately to have another child (this was between #3 and #4--okay, so I might be a little greedy HAHAHA) We had been trying for a long time and I was just so sad. The fact that I nearly died was beside the point. I really was more upset about the loss. As we were on the way home from preschool, my oldest just randomly started singing a song about God's timing not being our own. I had never heard him sing it before. It wasn't one he had learned from me. I burst into tears and just knew I was going to have another. What an amazing God we serve. I found out I was pregnant again just a few short months later. GOD IS SO GOOD!!


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So today, I paddled out and set my hammock up in the woods, kinda on a ridge. Found a couple pines just perfect for the slope so I was enjoying a really flat lay out, with a view of the water, pleasant 65° and no bugs. I was talking to God and praying, as well as eating my biscuit and just enjoying being outside. So it was a God (really long) moment.

But then came a Word moment. I'm sitting up crosslegged in the hammock at that point, sideways, so the gathered ends are to my left or right. So effectively, there is a big oblong triangles thing suspended between the trees, with a guy's shoulders and head sticking up beyond the walls. At that point, I'm looking down at my phone I believe, looking at this very forum. There comes a quick beating of some kind of feet. I look up just in time to see a deer go blazing past me at near warp speed. He was no more than 15 feet or so away, and when I lifted my head, he did a quick jig and ran down the ridge into the dip, out of sight. I'm sitting there with my chin scraping pine needles, never seen a live deer that close up, it was finely muscled and powerful, like an olympic track and fielder. Then the thought "there's usually more", and I literally turned my head to the direction the first deer came from, and there's a big buck, bounding, let me say that again, bounding, and doing a fine job of it, right smack into the sunny patch of mossy sand where I first saw the other deer.

He hit the ground with two hooves, then the other two came down with a quick double thud, and he froze like a statue. Directly in front of me, again, like 15-20' away, and just stood there, muscles twitching and rippling. He snorted, and I thought, oh goodness (not really what I thought), if he decides to evict me from his woods, I am in a pickle if he charges at me. Visions of the deer flying over me, giving me a double pump kick in the noggin' are going through my mind. I'd brought my kayak paddle up there with me, but it was against a tree too far to reach. So I just sat up straighter, kinda cocked my head, lol, and made some weird noise, like meep mop bi chirk! or something. Cause I didn't know what to do either, really. Lol. The deer cocked his head, snorted again, and I said "Well, hello 'dere!", kinda loudly, and it was like a shot, that deer jumped over the bushes down into the ravine. But as he was jumping, he looked where the other deer had went, and no lie, "called" it. He gave a couple short bleats, and disappeared. I turned my head back the other way, and sure enough, there goes the other one, a little down the hill, taking off after the big one.

Then I sat there and (looking around for more, or maybe a bear?) was kinda sad that my presence bothered them so much. Then I thought about Genesis 9:2:

"And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air, upon all that moveth upon the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea; into your hand are they delivered."​

And just now writing this down, it occurs to me that if evolution were really true, and we were like super apes or whatever, would "the fear and dread" of us be on everything? Even natural predators and prey co-habitate w/o fear, until one of them gets that hungry look in it's eye. And we can tame animals, but I think the fact that the fear and dread of us is on the animal kingdom is just more proof things went down like God says.

But it was so funny (and kinda scary/wary) sitting there with that deer trying to figure out what I was, sitting there sideways in the hammock, "floating" above the ground.

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:bouncies OH DEER :lolsign would have loved to have seen it :jerry

If your ever out and about certain times of the year stand and watch the Deer's with young teach them to dance . It is a awesome sight to see . They really are teaching them to jump , but the amazing thing is they use the height of each others back so mom jumps dad's then in a circle they get the young to join in and they go in a circular dance it is a sight to see :sad :waltzalways amazes me how God gave all his creatures creative intellect that helps them survive and teach it to their young .
Deer's are some of the most interesting of creatures to observe in the wild . I Love nothing better than to find a quite place certain season and watch them do the dance :sad Got me a video of it :snapshot once
have to look where I put that :sad

you would be amazed at what God placed in his principles in Nature
Its wild and free under his grace just perfect the way he made it :esheep

nothing is sustained without his wonder working grace the way he created it :hmmm

the only creature that has bent that terribly is humans :hmmm

yet we are the ones who are destined :hmmm

sometimes I am baffled and have to marvel in wonder why it is we craven mortals destined forgot some of God's greater taught things from what he made and put before us most amazing to learn from