Do You Have "God Moments" to share?


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I was just thinking of a couple of my "God Moments" a while ago. You know, those favorite memories that just come back and give you a smile when you need one the most? Secular people call these "Kodak Moments" but we have a better perspective, yes?

One day I arrived at my son's house and the grandchildren were occupied doing their thing and did not particularly notice my arrival. As I walked into the family room, my 6 year old granddaughter was standing in the middle of the room watching her favorite movie "Beauty And The Beast" and she was so enthralled with the Beauty and the Beast dancing that she barely gave me a little glance. But her subconscious realized it was Grandma and she said "Grandma, would you dance with me?"

Several months later I was retelling her that story, and she did not remember it at all (that's how enthralled she was with the moment of being mentally inside that movie!) But I think it is safe to say I shall never forget that God Moment! I did not mind being my granddaughter's "Beast" for her magic moment!

Please share your God Moments with us all, if you are so inclined. We need some good things share and to ponder in these last days!

Please? "Dance" with me for a moment!
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What a wonderful idea and topic!

One day I was driving home from an AA meeting. Really feeling lonely. I had driven this route home many times, but had never noticed this graffiti. On the railroad abutment where the railroad crossed the highway was a sign painted in bright colors. "Jesus Loves You"

Each time I think of it I feel my feelings from then and I feel the love that washed over me and the incredible meaning of that three word statement.


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Back in 2010 - 2011 when my mom had cancer (pancreatic, liver & colon), I was praying all the time for her healing throughout the day and I praised Jesus for keeping her "pain free" during her entire ordeal - she never needed any pain medication.

One Feb morning as I was getting ready for work, I started to sing my prayers to the Lord for her healing to the tune of "What can wash away my sins, nothing but the blood of Jesus". And as I was driving into work I again sung my prayers and afterwards I said "I hope you don't mind me singing my prayers to you Lord". That night, my aunt called me up and said "I heard this unique message on t.v. today that we should sing our prayers to Jesus . . ." and before she could finished her sentence, I started to cry. She was clueless that I asked Jesus that morning if this was o.k.! My aunt felt so blessed in knowing the Lord used her to relay that message back to me and I was blessed that the Lord answered my question so quickly - I just wasn't expecting it! All I can say is He is such a loving God and wants us to commune with Him whether we talk or sing our prayers up to Him! :nod


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This one was a teaching experience as well as a God moment miracle.
I was a young mother with my 3 or 4 year old. Our kitty 'Bubblegum" was at the vets and was going down in a hurry, so much so the vet called to tell me our kitty's kidneys were shutting down. I got off the phone and began telling my little one kitty was very sick and may not be able to get well again. My daughter immediately said, Moma we need to pray for him'. Even though I really didn't feel the kitty would make it, I agreed with her. We went into the living room and knelt down and held hands and I prayed a simple prayer and then she told God she loved her kitty and asked Him to make her kitty well again. Well folks, it was only 30 minutes later the vet called amazed beyond belief at what he was witnessing. He said you won't believe this but your cat is climbing the cage trying to get out and has just devoured a can of cat food. He said 'I can't understand what happened". Well I knew the Lord had heard my child's plea and answered her. I think of that joyous moment often when I realized along with my child that our God even cared for our pets. And with her precious faith of a child she petitioned the Lord as the only One who could help and He did!!! God is so Good! And He cares so much for us that he died that we may have eternal life!

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I had had a really bad day at the office and it had been a long day. As I drove home carrying a heavy, burning cloud of anger above me I came to an island in the middle of the road (not a proper pedestrian crossing point) where a young 12 year old girl was standing and I stopped to let her cross. When she was halfway across she raised an arm with a big wave and turned and smiled the most beautiful radiated smile in thanks. Well, my heart just melted and that cloud just disappeared as she had replaced it with such a feeling of joy and happiness!

Funny how you never forget moments like this (it must have been at least 20 years ago) a real God moment and a real God blessing.


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Love this thread Mary, thanks for starting it. I too had a God moment
just reading this thread. I for some reason earlier today found myself
singing part of my prayer. I haven't done that in a long time. I'm tired
now and I'm going to bed but I want to share a God moment too. I love
hearing about others God moments. It is so encouraging. :nod


In the spring of 02 I was flying home from visiting my mother in SC. The flight from Greenville to Detroit was fine and I changed planes in Detroit. My assigned seat from Detroit to home was in the back of the plane and I was the only woman with at least a dozen glowering Muslim men seated there. I was nervous and very uncomfortable until a rather large middle aged man came and sat down next to me. He was pleasant but quiet. From that moment on I was at complete peace. It seemed likely that the Lord had sent one of His angels to comfort and protect me.


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In the spring of 02 I was flying home from visiting my mother in SC. The flight from Greenville to Detroit was fine and I changed planes in Detroit. My assigned seat from Detroit to home was in the back of the plane and I was the only woman with at least a dozen glowering Muslim men seated there. I was nervous and very uncomfortable until a rather large middle aged man came and sat down next to me. He was pleasant but quiet. From that moment on I was at complete peace. It seemed likely that the Lord had sent one of His angels to comfort and protect me.

Yes, we have God's angels (Administering Spirits) to comfort and to help us out! :hug Your incident brought tears to my eyes and made me recall when my mom was sick she needed a wheelchair towards the end of her life to get around for her chemo sessions, doctor appointments, etc. I had to lift that heavy wheelchair (it weighed more than me) and tried to get it into the back of my suv. I'm also short (only 5' 1") and struggled, so I lifted up my head and said "Jesus, please help me." Then I took a deep breath and tried again and it was lite as a feather! :lol: I thanked Him and then looked to my left and right and said thank you guardian angels (even though I couldn't see them). I did this continually and the Lord always came to my rescue because I couldn't depend on anybody else to help me.
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One year after my children were grown and living out of the home, I got a big refund from the feds and the state, and I went on a shopping spree. I bought a new dinette, a new desk, and a new bedroom suite. The headboard of the bed had a light that could be dimmed or brightened, so I went to bed and had that light on dim, just lying there enjoying the comfort of the heavenly mattress, new sheets, and different atmosphere of the room.

I heard a key in the front door lock, and in walked my youngest 2 sons. As they came in and turned the corner from the living room to the hall, they could see the new bed in the dimmed light, and instantly my youngest said to his older brother "Would you look at this? Mom finally did something for herself!" My kids were 18 and 22 at that time... that exclamation made me instantly smile and feel happier, if that would be possible, as I was really very happy to begin with having all this new wonderful furniture to enjoy.

While I was raising my boys, apparently they noticed that I did not do for myself, but only for others all the time. Mostly for them!

So it is a moment I cherish greatly and probably always will. That happened at least 14 or 15 years ago and I remember it like it just happened any time I do a stroll down memory lane for good thoughts!


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I am reminded of a particular incident years ago that happened concerning a car we owned...we had decided to take the scenic route rather than the highway to the place we were going...good thing, too, because something happened with the car; we heard something "drop" and then the steering wheel froze up..the car "died" (no pun intended :hehheh) on the lawn of the local funeral about God's sense of humor :hehheh but also His marvelous care and providence! :yeah: :thumbup


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Going all the way back to 1976, my husband and I were traveling between Denver and Colorado Springs and I just happened to be the one driving late (or early) in the wee hours, when all of a sudden I just had the urge to pull over to the shoulder of I-25 and change my baby's diaper. He (along with his dad and older brothers) were all asleep in the back of our Blazer so there was really no good reason to change his diaper in his sleep. I checked the diaper, it was dry as a bone! I put the Blazer in drive and began pulling back onto the freeway from the shoulder, when checking my rearview mirror I noted a light going back and forth side to side. I stopped again and waited.

In a minute, a man appeared at my driver's side window and asked if it would be possible that I would give him a lift into Colorado Springs as he had broken down on the freeway and was freezing back there in his car when it just so happened I had pulled over. I told him to get in, I'd be glad to drop him off in Colorado Springs. He got in the Blazer and began profusely thanking me for seeing him and stopping for him. Said he had given up on help and had just lay down on his car seat to attempt to sleep when he noticed me pull over.

I said "Buddy don't thank me, thank God! I did not pull over to help you, I pulled over to check my baby's diaper and change it." He argued with me about this for a moment because he was convinced I had stopped to help him. I finally told him I did not even know he was there, and if he did not have that flashlight I would not ever have known he was there! Again, I told him to thank God for the help.

He thought about that for a quiet moment, and then he said "You know, I never do carry a flashlight in my car, but for some reason this morning when I was leaving, I just felt a nudge to go back inside and get a flashlight."

I think he went home FINALLY thanking God for the help that arrived on the side of I-25 that very cold night when he was freezing in his car. That was nearly 40 years ago, and I have found myself praying that if the man did not already know God, he began to seek God for all things in his life from then on.

It is one of my favorite God moments from looonnnnggg ago!


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MaryRae I am convinced we don't know 1 of 100,000,000 of our God moments, but He has not forgotten. I know that we will meet people in heaven we had a positive effect on although we never knew we were "witnessing" at the time that they received our witness and were forever changed by it!

The LORD tells us we will not be aware of serving Him. It is when we just go about our daily business and we are kind to the least of His brethren that we actually serve Him as He wishes, and to our complete innocence in the matter. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!!!!!!!