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Divine Truth is a spiritual movement based in Queensland, Australia, taught by Alan John Miller, also known as A.J., who claims to be Jesus of Nazareth, and his partner, Mary Suzanne Luck, who claims to be Mary Magdalene. The couple describe Divine Truth as non-religious.[1]

Both Alan John Miller and Mary Suzanne Luck claim they have lived a single 2000+ year life which began in the 1st century, and continued in the spirit world (or other dimensional spaces) after their death in the 1st century.[2] They state that during their existence in the spirit world, they continued to grow and learn, and were able to discover a process by which they could return to Earth. Alan John Miller calls the return process “reincarnation” but his description of the process bears no resemblance to other reincarnation philosophies currently taught.[2]

Alan John Miller claims that Divine Truth is God’s Truth, which is the absolute truth about the universe and everything inside of it, from the perspective of God.[2][3] He clearly defines Divine Truth as non-religious, saying "It is always logical, it is always scientific in its nature, it is always mathematical in its nature. It is always based in reality, but not human reality, it's the reality of how God sees everything."[3] Alan John Miller teaches that he has discovered it through forming a personal relationship with God, and he teaches that Divine Truth can be discovered by any person through the same process.[2] Divine Truth teachings include information about God and God’s nature, the human soul’s nature, growth and potentials, how to have a relationship with God, what is loving from God’s perspective, how to become a more loving individual, life after death, spirits and the spirit world, and the laws that govern the operation of the universe.[3]

Some of these teachings appear earlier from James E Padgett (1852-1923), and the prayer for Divine Love on the Divine Truth website appeared in Padgett’s writings in 1916.[4] Mr. Miller claims that since he is Jesus, he gave most of the information contained within the Padgett messages to James Padgett.