Diversity Is Not Always a Good Thing


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Diversity Is Not Always a Good Thing
By Todd Strandberg

A couple of years ago, I was watching a video that had a PBS reporter interviewing Thomas Sowell. The reporter brought up the subject of diversity, saying it was a good thing for society. Sowell contradicts him by saying diversity is not a virtue. He said America is not great because of its diversity. It is great despite our diversity.

The left thinks that they can create a utopian society by including or involving people from a range of different social and ethnic backgrounds and of different genders and sexual orientations. What generally happens when there is an increase in diversity is there is an increase in conflict.

The nation of India has an abundance of diversity that has led to fighting that caused the deaths of millions of people. Northern Ireland has religious diversity that caused decades of strife between Catholics and Protestants.

Japan is a nation that has a relatively low level of diversity. It is very rare to ever hear of social conflict in that nation. The only example I can recall is that time when a cult tried to poison people, and that was nearly three decades ago.

The liberal media are so supportive of diversity, they operate like we don’t have enough of it. I was reading an article about a couple of new cast members for the skit comedy show Saturday Night Live. The article focused on how diverse it was to have the first Gay Asian and a woman who claims to not be of any sex. Nowhere in the article was there an answer to the question, “Are they Funny?”

There is some unwritten rule that requires TV ads to have people of color in any setting that has more than a few people. Even though homosexuals are only 4% of the population, advertisers feel the need to introduce same-sex couples to their commercials.

A CNBC reporter recently chided Warren Buffett for not having enough diversity in Berkshire Hathaway’s boardroom. Buffett explained to the reporter that they only hire people who are qualified for the job. Other companies make Buffett look bad by hiring non-whites to fill a quota. Many of the people selected because of their skin color have no active role in the company. Their only job is to pose at the company’s annual group picture.

Al Sharpton and Don Lemon are two of the dumbest people to ever walk the earth. Both of these men were given their own show on news networks because they were black. If I were an African-American, I would be deeply insulted by whoever selected them.

When President Biden said that he was going to choose a black woman to be the next Supreme Court justice, he did damage to the concept that the best-qualified person should always get the job. I listened to some of Ketanji Jackson’s testimony in the Senate and was not impressed by her statements. Biden may have pulled Jackson’s name out of a hat because that is how he generally handed out other jobs. Biden’s press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was hired because she is Black, Haitian, and a homosexual. She is so bad at her job, it’s obvious that little attention was given to her secretarial skills.

Several Colleges have tried to bring diversity to the classroom by deciding they are going to select a set percentage of blacks. Because there are too many Asians in the student body, they decided to make it harder for them to get in. The vision here is that Blacks from the hood will escape poverty by going to college. The vast majority of the blacks that got selected were from rich families.

The left’s rules on diversity break down when it comes to Christians. Because we are not part of a chosen minority group, we are to be excluded from society. During the Christmas season in the 1950s, three giant buildings had a cross on their upper floors. Today, most corporations shy away from any direct reference to Christianity. A firm may give a vague nod to the Christmas season by posting a wreath on its homepage. For the last two years, Google has said Happy Birthday to Jesus by adding color bulbs to their Logo.

It is obvious that diversity has become a useful tool of the devil. It allows him to bring the worst of society to the top, and it holds down those who would make America a better place. In heaven, there is no diversity. We will all be one with our Lord and Savior.

“Abide in Me, and I in you…I am the vine; you are the branches” (John 15:4-5).

“That all of them may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I am in You” (John 17:21).

— Todd