Disney’s Nonbinary Character, Lesbian Parent, Systemic Racism Cartoon Bombs


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Disney’s Nonbinary Character, Lesbian Parent, Systemic Racism Cartoon Bombs
Woke cartoons are costing Disney hundreds of millions in losses.
By Daniel Greenfield

Disney movies are not doing well.

The Little Mermaid may struggle to make back its box office because of its failure abroad. (The media blames Chinese racism.) The Buzz Lightyear movie flopped and was banned overseas after it decided to depict a lesbian couple.

Now Elemental joins the Disney woke/broke panel. Its opening is the second worst in Pixar’s history. It’s seemingly also the most woke of the Pixar movies.

The latest release also represents another step in Disney’s dogged march to the left by hammering audiences with thinly veiled lectures about racism, xenophobia and sexual orientation.
The story is set in the city of Element, where beings made of the four elements – water, air, earth and fire – reside in harmony, with the exception of fire elementals, who are seen as dangerous and largely relegated to the other side of the tracks.

A fire “immigrant” named Ember Lumen whose family is fighting discrimination as they climb the socio-economic ladder falls in love with water-being Wade Ripple, who has a nonbinary sister named Lake.

Praising the film’s political messaging was MovieWeb reviewer Julian Roman, who said that the Pixar release “addresses racism and xenophobia with spectacular CGI animation.”

“Elemental also depicts a lesbian couple in Wade’s family,” said the review. “The film embraces diversity and inclusion for all. These themes have become hot-button issues in a charged political atmosphere. Some may view Elemental as indoctrinating propaganda for interracial relationships and alternative lifestyles, but sincerely, this shouldn’t become a rallying cry against moral turpitude.”

Nonbinary Character, Lesbian Parent, Systemic Racism, what’s not to like? But maybe this isn’t what audiences are looking for their children?

Disney lost $200 million on its Strange World cartoon with its biracial, openly gay teenager. And the bleeding isn’t ending. But before conservatives celebrate too loudly, Disney, like most of the industry, has embraced the streaming model. And as long as people are subscribing to Disney+, they’re subsidizing even the movies they don’t watch.

Still Disney is repeatedly taking a beating on its animated properties that push sexual identity politics. That’s looking to add up to hundreds of million in losses on its cartoons alone. And shareholders ought to be outraged.