Dinobots are not millions of years old


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Doctoral / PhD student: Dinobots are not millions of years old

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Dinosaurs are said to have become extinct about 66 million years ago. But when their bones are that old, how can they still contain proteins? American scientist Brian Thomas wondered. He decided to do a PhD on the subject.

According to current dating, dinosaur bones are much too old to contain any trace of the proteins. "We all know that vertebrate proteins never last tens of millions of years."

The more than one hundred scientific articles that Thomas sifted through confirmed the results of earlier experiments by the American molecular paleontologist Mary Schweitzer, among others. In 2005 she found soft tissue in the bones of a Tyrannosaurus rex that are said to be 68 million years old. "What we found was very unusual because the fabric was still soft, transparent and flexible," said Schweitzer at the time. All articles described fossil bones in which original soft collagen protein was found.

The PhD student also examined a number of bones for the presence of collagen during his PhD research at the University of Liverpool. He used a method from biomedical research (SHG imaging technique) to determine the shape of these protein molecules. “I was the first in the world to apply it to fossil and other old bones. Surprisingly, I also discovered microscopic remnants of collagen in crevices of ordinary dinosaur bones. ”

The PhD candidate had to be careful when interpreting his results, because the laser light from the microscope used could sometimes also reflect on the minerals present. However, the results did not lie. “I didn't expect to find collagen residues in it. These remains are indications that the examined bone is not 66 million years old, but much younger. ” In this case, it was a tibia from a hadrosaur from Montana (USA).

Radioactive carbon

Bones with collagen were found to be found all over the world. Remains from different layers of the earth showed (with infrared spectroscopy) that the collagen content therein deteriorates over time: the older the bone, the less collagen is present in it.

The American combined both measurement methods with a determination of the ratio between radiocarbon-14 (C-14) and ordinary carbon-12 (C-12). When a plant or animal dies, the ratio between C-14 and C-12 changes. The radioactive C-14 is gradually converted into nitrogen-14 and thus disappears from the organism. The lower the C-14 / C-12 ratio, the longer ago the organism died.

As expected, the C-14 / C-12 ratio was highest in modern times, followed by the Middle Ages, the Roman era and the Ice Age. Remarkably, the carbon-14 / carbon-12 ratios in the geological periods Cretaceous (66 to 145 million years ago) and Jurassic (145.0 to 201.3 million years ago) were much the same.

Why is there no decline between the Cretaeous and the Jurassic?

Thoughtful: “Good question. The chalk and jurassic stones may have been deposited very shortly after each other. That could explain this result. The Bible teaches that the flood destroyed the entire earth. It would have left layers of rock containing fossils everywhere. That would not have happened millions, but thousands of years ago. Tissues still in fossils fit that Biblical timeline of Earth's history. ”

Dinosaur bones contain measurable C-14 / C-12 ratios. What does that mean?

“Most fossil bones contain measurable amounts of radioactive C-14 with 99 percent statistical confidence. It concerns dozens of such results from different laboratories and from different locations. If these fossils are thousands of years and not millions of years old, these results make sense. ”

You also conducted aging experiments to investigate how quickly collagen decays.

“Those experiments confirmed the results of previous studies. They all show that collagen cannot live more than a few hundred thousand years at average annual temperatures of 7 to 10 degrees Celsius. ”

What do these measurements mean for the dinosaur bones found in layers of earth that are said to be millions of years old?

First of all, the whole concept of radiometric dating is debatable. What's scientific about this at all? Only the accurate measurement of isotope ratios of radioactive elements is experimental, repeatable science.

Rock formation in the past is not repeatable and is therefore not a natural science. All kinds of factors other than time have contributed to the isotope ratios in some cases. For example, some isotope could have gotten stuck in the molten rock before it cooled. Either some isotope has been transported into or out of the rock after cooling. When several of these "isotope clocks" give ages that are vastly different for the same rock, this proves that radiometric dating methods don't work. ” In conclusion: "The ages of the rocks do not automatically follow from certain isotopic ratios."

From what then?

“Experts select metrics that fit the assumption that Earth's history spans millions of years. They need that time for evolution. I do not rule out some secular scientists even selecting metrics to show their disdain for Biblical history. Regardless, the collagen and radioactive carbon finds in dinosaur bones and other fossil remains pose a significant challenge to the defenders of the dogma of millions of years. ”

How did your secular colleagues react to this?

“So far they have regularly rubbed their chins in silence at scientific conferences. They are uncomfortable with my conclusions, but have not scientifically refuted the results. ”

Did they realize that your research was a direct attack on their secular belief in eras of millions of years?

“Those colleagues shut themselves off from any evidence of a young earth. They simply cannot imagine that the Earth was created recently. That is laughable to them. Despite all the facts that support that, such as a young geomagnetic field, young-looking DNA - because where have the millions of years of mutations gone? - and young-looking soft tissues in fossils. They are convinced that some expert is working out possibilities somewhere, so that all those things can survive for millions of years.

We find with them the same narrow-mindedness as with the Pharisees in the New Testament. Jesus raised a man from the dead, and most of the Pharisees refused to recognize that Jesus is God. Only a few changed their opinion as a result. Maybe someday I will meet someone whose fossil evidence has changed his whole way of thinking. ”

What did you ultimately conclude about your PhD research?

“Fossil bone collagen is found all over the world in the entire fossil record. And the sedimentary rocks of the entire planet are also apparently young. ”

As far as Thomas is concerned, the ages of the dinosaurs can go down by orders of magnitude. “That could solve the time dilemma. The time required for evolution therefore disappears like snow in the sun. I am therefore prepared to challenge that belief in evolution with its periods of millions of years on scientific grounds. ”

Thomas' results appeared late last year in his thesis "Ancient and Fossil Bone Collagen Remnants." It was funded and published by his employer, the American Institute for Creation Research (ICR). "My employer supports research programs that provide evidence that supports the Bible."

How did you come to be accused of creationism?

“I focused exclusively on technical measurements and instrument or protocol innovations. I have not tied my results to any kind of dating. But now that I have completed my PhD, I can expressly express myself about the age of the earth and the fossils. ”

You are an outspoken creationist. Have you never had any problems with secular scientists during your doctoral research?

“Of course, that was my main concern throughout my research. Indeed, I have encountered problems publishing certain results. An anonymous reviewer noted that I didn't ask the kind of research questions he or she would ask. I was therefore never able to publish some results, but other results passed the peer review. The Lord has been protecting me all along from accusations of creationism. ”

How can your PhD research benefit the creationist community?

“My research results confirm the Biblical creation history. Young-looking collagen and young-looking radiocarbon are consistent with a biblical timeline deluge that may have formed these fossils. My PhD also illustrates that it is possible to conduct research at a secular institution that confirms Biblical creation history. ”

Ancient and Fossil Bone Collagen Remnants, Brian Thomas; Institute of Creation Research, Dallas, 2019; ISBN 9781946246370; 138 pp .; € 27, - >> livrepository.liverpool.ac.uk/3033541/

Dr. Brian Daniel Thomas

Brian Thomas (46) obtained his PhD in paleobiochemistry at the British University of Liverpool last year. He taught at several Christian secondary schools in Texas, USA. He taught biology, chemistry and anatomy as an associate professor at universities in the Dallas area until 2008. Reading articles in the Journal of Creation of Creation Ministries International (CMI) opened his eyes to the errors of evolutionary theory. He then joined the Institute for Creation Research (ICR) in Dallas. He has written for ICR articles in the journal Acts & Facts and books on dinosaurs, evolution and the origins of humans. Thomas also wrote for CMI. He is currently a research associate at ICR.

>> icr.org/brian_thomas/ >> creation.com/brian-thomas

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I absolutely love this. In regards to the secular scientists however, it brings to mind 1 Peter 3:5 "They deliberately forget that God made the heavens long ago by the word of his command, and he brought the earth out from the water and surrounded it with water."

I understand the context Peter is speaking of is one of past and future judgement, but it speaks to the fact that the secular scientists are faaaaaar more willing to adopt a ridiculous theory of evolution requiring billions of years before they will even think to consider the evidence that is before them. Deliberate indeed.

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