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I'm in a wheelchair due to multiple sclerosis and have gained a large amount of weight over the years. I'm trying to avoid a gastric bypass and I'm interested in hearing about people's experiences with diets; especially people with a lot of health issues like myself. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Hi, Laura :wave

I don't have these health issues but wanted to pop in and say I hope a couple ladies here who have Prayer threads about this very thing will come and post on this thread!

Hoping you find answers :hug


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Speaking just for me Laura, I do it to mainly for reducing inflammation and to keep from regaining weight I lost previously. And I explain in the other thread, if a Dr weighed me, they'd all say I need to lose a lot more. However I hit a point where I don't regain easily, I can maintain easily and my body feels pretty good. Equilibrium. If I was really paying attention, I should lose a bit more, but I lost about 18% of my starting weight and just losing 10% will usually net you a LOT of the benefits.

The reason I did so was because I was very sick with an autoimmune problem that remains unnamed, although my blood markers for inflammation that go up for things like Lupus, are up. They've come down to high normal on the low carb diet. AND more importantly I've reduced my auto immune system attacks to rarely from frequently. I also pay attention to reducing stress but that is a bit more out of my control as it is for anyone whose dr says, "Oh by the way, you should avoid stress, it's a trigger for inflammation."

Avoid stress -- just HOW DOES one do that in any normal family? :lol :drama2:laugh:pound:water Yeah right!

The weight loss was super welcome, but my biggest reason for low carbing, was to reduce inflammation and reduce the number and severity of the attacks.

(Whatever it is, I end up with recurring bouts of thyroiditis-- I've had half my thyroid removed, & am on Synthroid to keep the other half from going nuts. I also have recurring bouts of asthma, eczema, allergies, as well as chronic bowel inflammation, diverticulosis and diverticulitis. There's some new one my dentist diagnosed, that happens to the mouth with people with auto immune nonsense, and then I walk funny with balance issues and muscle weakness. Plus fatigue that sometimes lands me on the couch for the day. They've tested for MS, it's not that nor is it Lupus (that got ruled out because I don't have enough joint problems-- and I eliminated those by eliminating legumes from my diet).

I find keeping that weight off, and putzing around as I am works for me.

Although right now I've had a year of stress, and put on about 10 lbs, which are slowly coming off now. (I lost my dad, George's dad, a beloved uncle, and my beloved missionary auntie and my sister is having ongoing serious mental health issues. On top of all that G was diagnosed with a brain tumour last fall, and thanks be to God, he was put on a drug that has successfully shrunk the tumour so he regained his eyesight, and has avoided surgery)

So when anyone talks about stress interfering with weight loss, and contributing to weight gain, I can SURE hear and understand and sympathize. You've been thru far more than me. Health wise and stress wise.

So all this to say, anytime you need a virtual hug or a virtual kleenex, or some prayer, I'm all yours!

For helpful reading, I got Gary Taubes book Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It shortly after he published it in 2010.

To this day I think that God gave me that book as an answer to prayer. I had used low carb diets in the past to lose (I've never been super duper keen on following anything, but cutting the carbs just works for me) but I was getting worse auto immune problems.

Gary's book explains why low carb diets reduce inflammation, which was what I needed to know.

At the same time I read Grain Brain, by Dr David Perlmutter and Wheat Belly by Dr William Davis. They sent me off on a different track, exploring the problems with gluten that I might have.

I cut out all wheat and gluten and from then on, tried to ensure that if I did eat a carb, it was a gluten free carb. I've tested myself by eating gluten since, and every time I do, there is some neurological problem-- the dizzyness and the muscle weakness come back. They go away altogether as soon as I go gluten free again. I do get a little of that when I'm overtired, but not like when I eat gluten. And I itch. I've been tested for celiac, and I'm not so I'm probably one of those non celiac gluten intolerant people.

As I went along, I got some Vit D levels done and found that for me and for George, they were almost non existent in spite of taking Vit D supplements all our married life. 41 years. With the help of our Dr, I've played around with the Vit D that G and I need to stay in the LOW NORMAL blood test for Vit D range, and that is a whopping 2,000 IU per day. 400 IU used to be the upper limit, but there's been recent research into VITAMIN D and auto immune stuff (and our Dr also says he sees these low blood levels in people who have cancer-- George's brain tumour is non cancerous, but it's there.) The research is showing some type of connection between low Vit D levels and autoimmune diseases. Whether one causes the other is not known.

However as I brought our Vit D levels up to low normal which meant we took 4,000 a day for a while, down to 2000 right now, and both of us felt better and had a little more energy. And I've weathered the stress storms of this past year a lot better than I would have 2 or 3 years ago.

I'm hoping this is helpful so you understand where I'm coming from, and what I've been thru with this journey, and I don't mean in ANY way shape or form to be saying that you or anyone else should do what I did. It worked for me.

But God made us ALL different. So I include the saga in case it's helpful as my past history, not for any reason to suggest anyone else should do likewise.

We each have to do our own research, and prayerfully ask God's direction for our individual needs.

Big hugs.