Did you watch the special on 9-11?


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Tonight there was a special on television about what took place aboard Air Force One on 9-11. The entire show brought back memories of that day; what a terrible day it was. But I remembered how calm and Presidential GW Bush was that day. And of course, I remember the criticism many gave him for not communicating with the nation sooner.

I was glad I watch this show. GW was whisked aboard Air Force One almost immediately. Communications did not work well that day; they could not get information on what was going on. They were actually "sitting ducks" in that aircraft, not knowing if they were going to be attacked. When 2 fighter jets came up along side, they were relieved to know they were US jets, there to protect the President. GW continually said he wanted to get back to DC, but Secret Service and the military would not do it. Eventually, he was able to go back. GW knew the country wanted and needed to hear from him.

You know, I voted for Trump only because I thought the alternative was too horrible to imagine. But after watching this show, I realize how much I miss a President who truly respects the office. GW always did what he thought was right. He didn't need to go on Twitter and constantly explain himself, and get in petty arguments with celebrities who know nothing of politics anyway. GW knew that there were things only he and those around him could know, all in the name of national security. He was always in control, but so respectful of those around him, especially the military who were there to watch over him and his family. Of course, I support Trump and many of his policies. But, I miss GW.

Anyway...... I do believe that our Lord had George W. Bush in office that terrible day for a reason. And I praise God for that!
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I didn’t watch it, but I was just thinking about it. I was watching a video of U2’s NFL performance. They had a huge screen behind the stage with all the names scrolling by. SO VERY many names. It brought tears to my eyes. Bono was quoting Psalm 51:15 as he walked around the stage before the song started. After the names were finished scrolling the screen then collapsed like the towers, straight down. It was so touching.

I remember 9/11/01 like it was yesterday. We didn’t know until my brother-in-law called during and told us to turn on the tv.