Developing: Savannah Police Department On Scene Of Shooting Involving 9 Injured In Ga.

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UPDATED 8:30 PM PT – Friday, June 11, 2021​

We are following breaking news coming from Savannah, Georgia where authorities are investigating a mass shooting where at least one person has been killed and multiple others injured, including a two-year-old child.

According to local reports, the Savannah Police Department is currently responding to shots fired in Fred Wessels Homes neighborhood located on the 200 block of Avery Street. Police say one of the victims has died with several others have critical injuries.

The two-year-old is said to have sustained non-life threatening injuries. Law enforcement have closed off the area as they work to investigate the cause of the shooting.

Again, this story is developing. One America News will continue to give you the latest as this story develops in the newsroom.


I Shall Not Be Moved
I dont know the details of this story.

Last week a man killed his mama, right near where my husband works. She didn't want him to move out...
Violence is rampant. In my small town, there are probably daily shootings, not to mention all the non gun violence and sin.