Despite denials, Sa’ar said deep in talks with Likud as coalition wavers


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Despite denials, Sa’ar said deep in talks with Likud as coalition wavers
Reports say New Hope already talking portfolios, guarantees as coalition struggles to pass key renewal of West Bank law; Ra’am said willing to support bill if assured it will pass
By TOI staff
3 June 2022

Justice Minister Gideon Sa’ar has held in-depth talks with the opposition Likud party aimed at forming an alternative government, including the allocation of key ministries, Hebrew media reports said Friday. Sa’ar has repeatedly denied the talks, but has also warned of the imminent collapse of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s government unless it passes key legislation to renew the application of Israeli civil and criminal law to West Bank settlers. With the bill’s prospects shrinking and Bennett making a rare public plea for support, Sa’ar on Friday again warned that the coalition’s survival could be at stake if the struggling legislation fails to pass.

Sa’ar warnings have added fuel to speculation that his New Hope party and the opposition Likud are in talks to form an alternate government that could return former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to power after just a year riding the pine. Talks have progressed to the point of allocating ministry positions, though the sides remain at loggerheads regarding Sa’ar’s current portfolio, Channel 12 news reported.