Dem Senator Schumer Attacks Trump Supporters: ‘How Could 74 Million People Vote For a Despicable, Racist, Vile Man?’


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Dem Senator Schumer Attacks Trump Supporters: ‘How Could 74 Million People Vote For a Despicable, Racist, Vile Man?’
By Cristina Laila
Published July 26, 2021

Democrat Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (NY) attacked Trump supporters over the weekend during a community meeting with New York State assembly member Rebecca Seawright.

“You probably ask yourself the same question I ask myself: How could 74 million people vote for such a despicable human being as Donald Trump,” Schumer said. “He is a vile man. He is dishonest. He is divisive — That’s what he loves to do, just divide people.”

Schumer added, “He’s a racist and he always appeals to the dark side of human nature, which he’s very good at, unfortunately. How did they vote for him?” Schumer said.

Schumer didn’t get the memo. We’re also “deplorable” according to Hillary Clinton.


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This is a textbook example of a liberal propagandist using the tactic of projection. Liberals use this incessantly; a great deal of their propaganda is based in this tactic.

Schumer is the darkest of nights loudly proclaiming that the day is dark and he is light. The projection is so absurd it would be laughable, if it was not based in such deep evil, and if massive herds of cattle were not manipulated by it.

Jesus Is Coming!

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Schumer and his ilk are all that and much, much more! Don't you just love how liberals call Trump/Trump supporters "divisive"? They "divide people"? This country is in the worst shape along that line that I have ever seen in my life. But it isn't Trump/Trump supporters who have done it! The hypocrites in charge are the offenders while they are accusing the other side. We know how they got their power and it wasn't because Biden got all those votes! They said Bill Clinton had a "motto" hanging in the oval office that said "It's the economy, stupid!" Most likely there's a motto hanging in the oval office and in the Capitol building that reads "Divide and Conquer" because that's the liberals plan of action! Disgusting! :mad:


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Schumer is a low life and beneath contempt. The Democrat party has really lost its way since JFK. He and his ilk are demonic in their hatred, actions and behavior. I have days where I just wish that I could live anywhere else. Then I remember what Reagan said about the US being the last best hope on earth and if it goes under we’ve nowhere else to go. Then I remember that the Bible lays out what is currently going on in the world and dwell on Jesus saying “Be of good cheer for I have overcome the world”. He is faithful and he will be back for his bride. Now that’s hope!