Defining harassment at work...ugh


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I had mandatory new employee training about workplace harassment, and learned that in Washington State, which declares all degrees of gender expression and sexual orientation as "protected" classes, I cannot state aloud "I disagree with gay marriage" in any workplace setting (including outside work, but in the presence of a group of coworkers) without being guilty of harassment. Even if no one around me is actually part of these protected groups.

This is so horrible! Censorship, thought police... My religious rights are of lesser importance than another's right to agree with sin. Ugh.


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Does the “freedom of religion” amendment in the Constitution actually mean anything anymore? It’s like Christians are being backed into a smaller and smaller corner, perhaps laying the groundwork for the end times when it will be a crime to worship anyone except the antichrist. It’s already pretty bad now and the Rapture hasn’t happened yet. But OTOH, Christians in other places have been enduring much worse for much longer. We here in the “free world” are only just learning how it feels to be suppressed. I suppose now is when we begin to learn just what we would sacrifice to not betray our Savior.