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Hey, just a shy lurker peeping her head up before returning into the shadows. I was starting to feel sneaky and duplicitous reading all you have to say without acknowledging my presence. And I didn’t want to break any rules by entering a discussion without introducing myself first.

My screen-name probably gives some hint as to where I reside;) or maybe I am just a big fan of flora and fauna and lots of syrup on my waffles!

I am not nearly as well-read or learned as the regulars here but I do enjoy the discussions and perspectives.

I am an Anabaptist of Mennonite background though I am part of a tiny conference that is not explicitly Mennonite. I am actually quite saddened the direction that most Mennonite churches are headed but that is another topic for another thread! Other than thinking Psalm 83 isn’t even a prophecy, I pretty much find myself in alignment with this page.



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Welcome, MapleLeaf! I am also of Mennonite background—by birth. My Mennonite Brethren family came over from Crimea in the late 1800’s. When my parents married, they moved away from the central CA MB enclave and ended up in a Conservative Baptist church, where I grew up, and I never had a big thing about my Mennonite heritage, although I did go to an MB college. But through a funny circumstance, my husband and I ended up in an Old Mennonite church in SoCal for a couple years, which is completely different than MB. Plus the church was in the process of going liberal. Mennonites in general have gone liberal, in my opinion because they majored more on being Mennonite than on the Bible. They also lean toward a social gospel. I do enjoy reading Mennonite history and my family’s background. Are you Mennonite by birth or did you join a church?


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I am Mennonite by birth. My husband used to be a pastor at an MB church and my dad was even on the national board for awhile. None of my family or my husband’s family attend Mennonite churches anymore. Many people I know have left because of how things are changing.

My family came to Canada in the 1960s and my husband’s parents came even later though my husband and I were born here. They came from South America though my mom’s family came from Germany (they were Mennonite but non-practising, my Oma didn’t come to faith until in Canada and my Opa never did).

I haven’t really inherited the Mennonite cooking skill though. I don’t like a culture dying with me. I can’t even speak German! But my parents really wanted us to assimilate to Canada and they sent us to an interdenominational Christian school so we’d know we weren’t the only ones going to heaven .


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Your background is so interesting, MapleLeaf. My first in-law family had a Mennonite connection from back in the twenties and thirties.......... but, over the years they either found other churches or didn't attend any at all. It sounds like it's really changed since the sixties. My ex-husband eventually went back into the Mennonite religion, but I believe he is in a weird sect or cult of it, cuz he has some VERY strange beliefs. Like he refuses to have his picture taken, among many other things. We attended a baptist church when we were married.

I know you are going to love it here................ it's a great place to learn and to worship and to pray for one another. And to share our thoughts.


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Welcome, MapleLeaf, from yet another Canuck! I'm from Ontario. I also am of a Mennonite type of background (born & raised in the Brethren In Christ denomination), and have some Swiss & German heritage.
I LOVE Rapture Forums! So much wonderful fellowship here, and SO many great teachers/discusssions and so much good, solid Biblical information.