De Blasio urges New Yorkers to embrace COVID-19 vaccine at Bronx church service

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The devil may be in the details, but he’s not in the coming coronavirus vaccine, a Bronx city councilman and Mayor Bill de Blasio said during a Sunday church service, vowing to show New Yorkers the shot is nothing to fear.

“I know there’s some people that are afraid,” said Democratic Councilman Fernando Cabrera during services at the New Life Outreach International church, which he also serves as pastor.

“I want to tell everybody, you’re not getting the 666 in this vaccine, OK?” he continued, invoking the biblical number of the beast. “I want to tell you straight-up, there is no 666, there’s no conspiracy, I’ll be the first one to get it if I’m allowed to.”

Cabrera sang the shot’s praises at the Morris Avenue church one day after The Post reported bombshell survey findings that more than half of city firefighters would refuse the vaccine.

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For once I can agree on at least some part of what Deblabio says but even though this is not a 666 MOTB issue I don't want to be told what to do. I want the choice to be mine and not forced plus I want the information presented and reasons to be open and not manipulated or corrupt for their desired outcomes. If I want to rock climb or ride a motorcycle without a helmet or own/shoot a firearm or eat fast food regularly or have chocolate cake for breakfast it needs to be my choice, my decision.


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I don't believe the vaccine is the Mark of the Beast either, because I think there is a Biblically-based argument that it is not.

That being said, if I was suspicious, I need more reassurance then my pastor simply saying it's not "the 666", and "look, I'll show you." That does not prove anything. And I don't think church is the place to be promoting this or bringing in politicians who do.