Daughter One Gets Saved.

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    She was raised going to church, and was baptized when very young, but she
    relapsed when she got into high school. She would rebel against us both, and
    once wife told me that she could see the demon in her eyes when she argued
    with wife. I understood. Wife's friend at church told her to pray that Satan's hands be
    bound when they reached for daughter. It was difficult, but we did not give up.

    When she was a senior in high school, we had a nice Christian college picked out for
    her several hundred miles away, but she had other ideas. At the last hour we uncovered
    her plans not to go to college, but to appropriate a bundle of money from us, her parents,
    and move in with her boyfriend and another young couple in an undisclosed location.
    She was an adult, and could do what she wanted, but she could not steal our money,
    and we made sure she did not do that.

    We prayed about it, and we both heard that we had to get her to go to that Christian school,
    and we figured it must be a fine place of faith, if it was so important that she go there.
    We drove her there in person, hundreds of miles, and there were obstacles seemingly
    from the enemy that got in our way from taking her to the college. But we arrived there, and
    it was a very different area of the country for her. After she was at classes, for some weeks, I picked
    her up for Christmas vacation, and then returned her for the rest of the school year. The
    second semester I think.

    After two years there, she was changed.
    The thing was it did change her to go to that school, but not the way that we imagined.
    She was given some Christian instruction, but being away for so long did something
    else to her. She had these fond memories of her home town, and her younger life, and her
    sister, and yes even her imperfect parents. More importantly she had good thoughts about her home church, and
    the religion she was raised on.

    Later she came home with stricter ideas on Christian living than any of her family.
    Thank you, God, for how you changed her! I have seldom been so surprised and

    If you have a child who needs to come back to the Lord, then Keep Praying!

    Yours in Christ.
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    What a terrific story, Newstate. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Lynn

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    Newstate, your post about your daughter's rebellion in earlier years & later on, so different from what she was before is very encouraging. Our children are grown, so we don't have your exact same circumstance. We do, however, have grandchildren who we pray for to come to know the Lord. One of our grandsons was baptized a few months ago at the age of 14. We feel pretty good about his spiritual position before God, but not yet sure about his two siblings, one younger and one older than the one who was baptized. We will keep praying to be sure. It's wonderful reading that your daughter turned around! Praise God!
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