Danon: I'm very worried by Lapid's inexperience


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Danon: I'm very worried by Lapid's inexperience
Former Israeli Ambassador to the UN tells INN Biden Admin. is taking advantage of new PM to make demands they would not make o fnetanyahu.
Yoni Kempinski
Jul 5, 2022

World Likud chairman and former Israeli Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon spoke to Israel National News Monday about his announcement that he would run in the upcoming Likud primaries to return to the Knesset. "Right now there is a consensus in the Likud in support of the candidacy of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and I also support that. We understand that we are in a moment of a national test, and we need to get as many seats as possible and we are putting all disputes aside, we are united," Danon said.

When asked about possible reserved spots on the party list, Danon says, "I personally do not like reserved spots because I think it does not strengthen the list and does not bring seats. Since we are in good condition in the polls, if there is a reasonable offer of a reserved spot that is used sparingly, I will support it at the party center. In my opinion, it will not increase the number of seats we receive."

more............. https://www.israelnationalnews.com/news/355976

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Does anyone know or has read what Lapid's views are in relation to defending Israel ?

I've only heard from a few people that he's a bit of a cowboy and is chomping at the bit to retaliate to Iran and co ?