Cynical thoughts on Impeachment


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OK, let's face it, at the very core this whole impeachment is inappropriate. But color me cynical and paranoid because I had a thought today (yes, sometimes they happen) that goes like this:

If Ruth Bader Ginsburg were to kick to bucket, or step down, that would allow the Senate to install a new Supreme Court judge who, would most likely, be a conservative/strict constitutionalist.... a thing that democrats hate.

Now, my question to everyone here (and specifically legal scholars or government wonks) is this: Would it be possible for the senate to handle both an impeachment trial AS WELL as a Supreme Court confirmation at the same time before the next presidential election?

I hope you get where I am going with this, but if not, I'll spell it out. Maybe this impeachment is, among other things, to tie up the senate so no one will replace RBG until after the next election.

I'd love your thoughts.