customizing folders in Windows 10


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Hi there,

I'm trying to clean out and organize my 500+ music folders on my external hard drive. I want them all to have the same columns, but am not sure if there's a way to set it to so they all do or not. I've been manually doing it in the past, but it's getting a little tiring.

Below is a screenshot of what I want:

A lot of the folders only have 1 or 2 of these columns, and a couple others I don't want. Any ideas as to if I can set all the folders to have these columns ONLY?

Thanx :)


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Try looking online for a downloadable utility that will perform that function.

In the past I wanted to rename a bunch of picture files as a group, not one-by-one, so I found a utility program to do that.

There may by a utility program to do what you want.

I also find it frustrating that Windows selects columns to display that have little to do with the file in question.


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Set a folder with the columns you want then go to that folder’s options. Select the View tab then select the option to apply it across all folders. That’ll find all folders of the same type and change them to look like the folder you set up.