Curious, what is your favorite off-the-shelf coffee?


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Oh tell me it is not so! Timmy's now is trying to compete with Starbucks? Timmy's was always WAY better than Starbucks. One of the very few things that I miss from up north.
They tried that dark roast Timmy version, but I think its failing big time. A lot of screaming when people got to the window and found a Starbucks coffee in their Timmy cup. I know for a short while you had to yell THE OLD KIND very vigourously at the order kiosk and take a quick sip before pulling away from the coffee window in the drive thru to be sure. But now they've gone back to the OLD KIND as the default and you have specify the dark roast if that's your brew of choice.


I almost forgot that when I lived up north, one of my favorites was seville orange whole beans from Wegmans. I don't think they even have it anymore but it sure was good! I would grind it fresh and oh the aroma and flavor!


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I'm not a coffee drinker, but my mom is, and her poison of choice is Pike's Place by Starbucks. (In our neck of the woods, it is readily available, both whole beans and ground, in supermarkets and therefore meets the definition of "off the shelf")

However, something she loves far better, which isn't off the shelf, is Black Rifle Company's offerings, specifically "Silencer Smooth." She joined the club and has 2 (or maybe 3) bags delivered each month.