Cuomo Quits Ending 20 Years of Cuomo Rule Over New York


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Cuomo Quits Ending 20 Years of Cuomo Rule Over New York
By Daniel Greenfield

In a year, Andrew Cuomo went from a hero to a villain.

When Cuomo was killing nursing home patients and persecuting Orthodox Jews, the media couldn’t cheer him on hard enough. But then as the AOC crowd pushed to replace him with a lefty and the pressure from sexual harassment accusations mounted, the former Clinton cabinet member and the member of a New York political dynasty, was forced to step down.

Like his father, Andrew Cuomo spent a decade in power. His resignation ends 20 years of Cuomo rule over New York.

Hopefully there won’t be a third generation of this corrupt dynasty. And considering state demographics, there probably won’t.

Andrew Cuomo would never have left on his own, but he was caught between a leftist insurgency that threatened to primary him and establishment Democrats who feared that he had become so weak that they would succeed. The donors, many of whom had been intimidated into financing his rule, were pulling out. And with impeachment proceedings likely to succeed, Cuomo bowed out.

Cuomo, a thug with a famously ruthless temper, a megalomaniac who dreamed of being president, married into the Kennedy clan, and expected to be a presidential candidate, is now relegated to the ranks of Eliot Spitzer, the previous Democrat to resign over sexual misconduct.

That means every Democrat governor in over a decade who originally came to office in an election has been forced out over sexual misconduct.

It’s a hell of a record.

Andrew Cuomo, a man with endless grudges, will have many to chew over in the years to come. He can commiserate with Eliot Spitzer, a man with equally little self-control and rage issues, and who is equally out of power.

Good riddance.