CS Lewis - Mere Christianity - Audio book read by the author himself


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CS Lewis was once an atheist who set out to prove there is no God. He instead proved to himself that God Is! A rather brilliant apologist who shows how he arrived at belief in God by the power of his own reasoning.

edited to add:
"Mere Christiani..." This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by HarperCollins US.
Sorry about that.

ETA: Looks like if I want to hear the rest of the book as read by the author himself, I will have to BUY it from Harper Collins. :(
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Walter Kerr

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I only listened to 4 chapters last night Walter! It's a book, after all!
You're right, but I tend to listen to YouTube things in one go.

We have often got talking books for our roadtrips and we both like them. Sometimes, when getting near the end of the book, we realise that we will get to our destination before the book ends, so we slow down to hear it out! That's how nutty we are.


Heaven's Stables
So glad I read the book for myself quite a few times, but sad that Harper Collins took it off the website before I could finish listening to CS Lewis himself read it to me! That reading by him was real treat!