Crown Him Lord of All


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Thank you, Ohioan. :thumbup. I love the old hymns, so much Scripture and good theology pointing us to Jesus and His glory!


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I go to a small, but amazingly, growing exponentially in the last year, southern Independant Fundamental Baptist church (that's a mouthful). We have two pianists and it depends on who's there as to which hymns we sing :hehheh but they're always old hymns. The words bring tears to my eyes in their adoration of the Savior of our souls!
Tonight, we got to choose which hymns we'd like to sing as a congregation, first stanza only. We sang over 20, with ALL the ones you listed and add to that : Lily of the Valley, Blessed Assurance, Victory in Jesus (our music director knows that's my favorite hymn and tries to make me laugh) Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus...ummm, there's more and I'll end up with one stuck in my head as soon as I try to go to bed!

Thank you for posting them. :hug

Recently, I sat down and looked at the lyrics of the ccm music playing on the radio. I personally, don't listen to it, but I do know a few songs. I looked up the lyrics of their "top ten" requested songs (they have a "listen now" and a list of what's playing now and what just played (not a lot on their station that pointed to Christ or salvation, but you sure could buy a lot of concert tickets and cds.)

When I compared the lyrics of these new worship songs, compared to the hymns we sing in church, it broke my heart. The music is catchy, and I guess that makes people feel good, but worship isn't about us "feeling good", it's about paying homage to the God that created us and is worthy of our praise, in all humility and all sincerity.

It's as if... all the brokenness that drives us to our knees, in awe and utmost respect for the One who bled and died for "a wretch like me", recognition of sin and it's effects, praise for that sin being paid for...has been sucked out of it and replaced by "I'm unhappy now but it's going to be okay" "I'm having a hard time, but God's got it". The focus seems to have shifted from the deep, soul touching message to a "me" focused message.
(I'm not saying all of it's bad, but there's nothing that would cause me to turn a dial to it)


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I thank the Lord he has given me the opportunity and ability to sing in choir ever since I was a child. Of course, it helps when your father is the choir director.

It is like you say it is with hymns, some do have more substance than others and many of those I have posted we have sung.

I have the feeling though, we may soon be singing those songs up above!


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Whether it be hymns, morals, church, government, schools for our children, man has to take God out and put man in.

For me the new stuff just doesn't have the glory and reverence to God that the old time hymns have.