Criminal investigation demanded against MK Silman


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Criminal investigation demanded against MK Silman
Both the Movement for Moral Purity and the Movement for Quality Government in Israel called for a criminal investigation against her following "threatening talks" against MK Nir Orbach.
Published: JUNE 9, 2022

The Movement for Moral Purity has asked Attorney-General Gali Bahrav-Myara to open a criminal investigation against Yamina MK Idit Silman, following “threatening comments” she made against MK Nir Orbach. N12 reported on Wednesday that Silman is threatening to reveal sensitive information about Orbach if he joins a faction motion to declare her a defector.

Silman was quoted as telling a friend that “it is worth making sure that Nir remembers what I have. All his correspondence, all the reports from Bayit Yehudi, there is also additional material I received from other people... Nir will be finished after this. I will not shut up, I do intend to publish everything if Nir kicks me out. Even now, I do not speak ill of Nir, as long as he does not begin my defector process.”

The movement said that the attorney-general should investigate Silman on suspicion of extortion. “If Silman has material that indicates Orbach’s misconduct, it is expected that she will pass it on to the relevant authorities as soon as possible,” the movement said in a statement. “In any case, she should not make improper use of them, which is bordering on a criminal act, whose entire purpose is to improve her political career.”