Couples Are Getting Pregnant Just to Abort Their Baby?


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So sickening. This is as sick as that girl's proposal in AOC's townhall meeting that we should "eat babies" in order to save the planet.
When I watched the video of this possessed girl ranting about eating babies, I knew that the “basement still has a lower level”. :puke

And now joyfully killing unborn children who have survived at 24 weeks in NICUs? Surely it doesn’t get any more evil than this !!
And even worse? People professing to be Christians aligning themselves with the demonic mantra that abortion is “women’s health care” ?:apostasy

The “spirit” of evil is SO overwhelming in the world and especially in the US, where state sponsored murder is a form of pleasure and amusement for people?! I thought I had heard just about everything, but this even shocks me.


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mods, delete. And please, allow us to delete our own posts when we have second thoughts about the wisdom of our post. Unless I am missing something, that option doesn't seem to be available. It should.
You can edit your post, delete what you wrote, but you still have to have at least one word remaining in your edited post. When I delete a post after having second thoughts, I delete it, then type in one word, DELETE. It will save your edited post with just the one word left. I have done this numerous times.


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This should be a wakeup call to people, but I doubt it will be. Just more desensitization. Extreme examples like this make the typical ones seem more acceptable and "normal". Each day, normal becomes more and more broken, perverted and evil. All they need now is a statue of moloch. If this isn't what 2 Timothy 3 describes, I don't want to know what is.


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We keep in prayer and share the gospel where we can... So many hardened and closed, but there still must be some to come into the church or we would be home already...

Surely the stench of all this is reaching the throne room in heaven and very very very soon it will be THE day....

We are all tired and weary but let's keep encouraging each other each day we're given here.....
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This is one persons blog. it is not an activist website. Her name is Elizabeth Johnston. She can say whatever she wants. This is not reliable. This is not news. How about we look at this scripture Philippians 4:8. I would think we could find better things than this to share with each other.