Could do with a laugh...


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Myself and a friend were having a giggle (in no way am I date setting btw!!) at the thought of December 25, as the Pope stands up to give his "Christmas message" of false unity and false peace.... Then mid flow..... The rapture happens.....!!!!
With the kind of people he surrounds himself with, he probably wouldn't notice until he saw the news headlines.

My mom and I like to joke about her finally winning the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, with the cameras, and handing over the giant check and then -swoop- liftoff!

Rose E.

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I think it would be a big impact if it happened at the State of the union address. The President, Vice-President, First and second Lady's. Some members of congress and some visitors.
All internationally televised.
Watching people being removed from the earth.
They would probably blame it on Swalwell gas emissions.