Corporations Return, May Step Up Donations To GOP After Virginia, New Jersey Results

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After the GOP scored a resounding victory in Virginia and gave a genuine scare to the Democrats in heavily Democratic New Jersey on Tuesday, corporations that had ditched donating to the GOP after January 6 are reportedly revising their opinion and considering returning to donating more money to the GOP again, according to a new report.

“A host of Republican lobbyists say that Tuesday’s elections in Virginia and New Jersey have ignited interest from their corporate clients on making inroads with GOP officials on the Hill. They suspect that cash will soon start flowing from corporate PACs to their party’s lawmakers too,” Politico reported on Monday.

The mainstream media has been working for months to vilify corporations giving money to Republicans after January 6. On June 6, Bloomberg titled an article, “How We’ll Know if Corporations Backslide on Jan. 6 Pledges.”

A July 27 article in Quartz was titled, “These companies still donate to Jan. 6 seditionists in Congress” it stated:
More at the link. Its a good read.
The corporations know it is likely the GOP wins control of congress in 2022. While I don't think the GOP ever had a problem with fundraising, it is nice to see Democrat bullying failing to control everything.