Coronavirus Vaccine-Will we be forced to get it?


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I agree with you, Jan. And it is a desensitizing processes. But I was reacting to this specific concern:

And that sounded to me as a concern that an ID chip now for Covid-19 could be co-opted by downloading an A/C worship app onto the chip. I wanted to ensure that anyone thinking that and perhaps being concerned that they could be given the MOTB without their knowledge down the road that they had nothing to worry about in that regard with anything imposed on them at this time.

Adrien, I apologize if what I said was not clear.............. I'm not saying that anyone would accept the mark of the beast not knowing what they were doing. I'm saying that what if the technology in the ID2020 vaccination contained a chip and people took it for health reasons only. No harm - no foul. BUT, what if there is something in the chip that will eventually enable an app that can be used by the antichrist? The man of perdition could then give people the choice, "swear your allegiance to me and add this app....... I'll give you a mark for identification so you can buy and sell and move around freely". Not everyone would make that decision...........but, most would. It has to be a individual decision to do it, but it would certainly be an easy way for the antichrist's system to be enacted. I hope I am being more clear now............. I did not mean to say anything to take the choice away from the individual's own conscience and beliefs.