Coronavirus cases in Israel hit daily record of 5,523, death toll at 1,147

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Israel's daily figures for coronavirus cases hit a new record on Wednesday with the Health Ministry announcing that they have confirmed at least 5,523 infections since Tuesday.

The data also showed that 1,147 Israelis have died from COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic.

Some 166,794 people have been infected by the coronavirus since the disease arrived in Israel in March, with ore than 120,727 people making full recoveries.

Of the 535 individuals considered to be in critical condition due to COVID-19, 138 are having their breathing assisted by ventilators.

The Health Ministry also noted that at least 57,165 coronavirus tests were carried out on Tuesday.

Shortly after the Health Ministry figures were made public, the government moved to shutter the country's entire education system, keeping millions of children at home just days into the new school year.

Earlier this week, Israeli government ministers voted and approved a three-week nationwide lockdown just ahead of the Jewish new year Rosh Hashana and will take effect on Friday.

The move was made in light of a resurgent coronavirus outbreak which has spiraled out of control over the past several weeks.

Under the new directives announced by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a press conference in Jerusalem on Tuesday, the new lockdown will take place on September 18 and last for three weeks or until October 9.

Those considered essential workers will continue to work as usual while limits will be placed on public and private sector employees.