Cornel West, a Black Marxist, Accused of Being “Right-Wing” for Running Against Biden


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Cornel West, a Black Marxist, Accused of Being “Right-Wing” for Running Against Biden
Cornel West’s ‘leftist’ presidential bid has right-wing DNA – MSNBC
By Daniel Greenfield

Over the past few months, the Democrats and their media have been running a full-fledged jihad against No Labels for committing the crime of democracy by trying to field a third-party campaign. Since the only Dem strategy is to run Biden as the “alternative to Trump”, the panic is understandable. Being asked to vote for a senile crook who outsourced his administration to Elizabeth Warren because he’s the only “alternative to Trump” doesn’t work as well if there are any other candidates in the race who aren’t senile crooks with the popularity rating of a deranged alligator on the subway.

While the DNC rigged the primaries for Biden, third-party candidates are a threat to the Biden campaign.

The strategy for handling third-party candidates has been to accuse them of being part of a “right-wing plot” to elect Trump.

Then Cornel West, a black Marxist, antisemite and 9/11 Truther, probably the one guy who can’t be accused of being a secret right-winger, announced his presidential run. So what’s the media to do? Exactly what you expect from a movement that insists men are really women, that money is infinite and that lies are truth.

Cornel West’s ‘leftist’ presidential bid has right-wing DNA – MSNBC

If anyone doesn’t deserve scare quotes around leftist, it’s Cornel West,a black nationalist racist, the author of multiple books on Marxism, and a pal of Louis Farrakhan.

I’m not sure what more he could do prove his leftist bona fides. Visit a brutal socialist dictatorship?

In 2006 West visited Venezuela, which President Hugo Chavez was transforming into a socialist state. Praising the Venezuelan government — which had nationalized industries, imprisoned or killed its opponents, and openly threatened the United States — West explained that he had made the trip in order “to see the democratic awakening taking place” under Chavez.

But now that West is running against Biden, it turns out that he was a secret Republican all along.

Ostensibly leftist academic Cornel West launched his third-party presidential campaign the way any true progressive would — by promoting it on a podcast known to spread right-wing extremist conspiracy theories, hosted on a video platform popular among right-wing extremists, just weeks after having praised Florida’s right-wing extremist governor, Ron DeSantis.


Specifically, West praised DeSantis for endorsing a classics curriculum. He’s an old-school Marxist who supports a classics curriculum, rather than teaching kids 99 different genders. That’s it.

“West chose to promote his campaign with an appearance Monday on a web show hosted by Russell Brand, a comic who’s known for spreading right-wing conspiracy theories and misinformation.”

Russel Brand is a socialist. At best. He’s flirted with Marxism before. Currently, he’s catering more to independent skeptic audiences and some on the right, but so is Joe Rogan, a Bernie Sanders fanboy.

West’s “right-wing DNA” consists of going on a popular socialist podcast with a leftist celeb who called for abolishing capitalism.

This is an interesting definition of right-wing.

“Of course, if you just ignore all these things — or simply read much of the coverage of West’s long-shot candidacy — you’ll most likely arrive at a lazy narrative adhering to some version of “leftist activist Cornel West declares presidential bid.” To do so is to completely sanitize the specifics in West’s recent history that give observers plenty of reason to question the sincerity or efficacy of his campaign.”

The specifics being that a lifetime of writing books about Marxism and black nationalism are now entirely undone by running against Joe Biden.

The only real leftists apparently bow to Biden.

It’s 2023 and the Biden Or Die party has already contorted itself into a laughable absurdity.