COP26 Protestor Flags tell us who they are


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I was looking at some of the COP26 protests held over the weekend in Glasgow, UK, on BBC news. Lots of protestors turned up with flags. I think flags tell us a lot about people's allegiances and true position. What I hear from climate change supporters (my work place consists of almost entirely those who support this agenda) is that it is all about science, and protecting the planet. So what flags did they come with? It was a sea of Scottish, Palestinian, and red flags. The red flag is a symbol of communism, Palestinian is what it is, and I've no idea what that has got to do with climate change, while the Scottish flag is used by Scottish separatists wanting to break away from the UK for an independent socialist Scotland with a huge welfare state. They wouldn't be able to afford that, but aside from that the Scottish Government proposals for independence in 2014 said that their spending plans would be funded by oil and gas. Not exactly the kind of political movement I'd quickly associate with climate change activists. So overall the flags they chose to take with them represent socialism, communism, and the left.

A man I knew years ago from US said that greens are watermelons - green on the outside but red on the inside. I don't think their real motivation is the environment but rather they are a mix of people who are jealous of others' success, and those who hate their own success and 'privilege'. That probably explains why they are passionate about taking away heating and holidays, but have nothing to say about restoring Scottish forests.


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Climate change is all about controlling the means of production. Oil is the greatest commodity on earth. It allows man to do work, cook his food, sterilize his water, heat his house, and travel (not to mention all of its chemical, medicinal, and scientific uses). If you control this resource, you have great power. Oil is king, there is no other fuel that produces as much energy for such a low price. Whether these people know this or not is beside the point. It has always been about control and power.