Converting old VHS tapes to DVD


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Anybody know the best way to do this without buying expensive equipment ?
Can I just run the output of the VCR player into the computer and write it on a blank DVD ?

I know I can go to a place that does this but I wanted to do it the cheapest way possible...…
Thanks in advance...….. Bill

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If you do a search for vhs to dvd converter you'll find some device where you hook up your vhs to the computer and run it. I've done it before, but not in a very long time. I've still got some conversions I want to do...

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I leave my conversions to professionals. They don't charge much and they add music and titles and do a little editing to make them look much better than just copying them.


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For about $13, I bought a usb capture card on Amazon. Hook the composite or s-video side to your device and the usb side plugs in normally to your computer. It came with some basic software. I'm using it to get video off an old vhs-c camcorder and onto my computer to burn a dvd.


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Thanks again for these replies..... I'm probly just gonna go drop them off at a place that does these....