Conversation System


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I think our conversation abilities are restricted for now, some folks were abusing the privilege & tried to stir up gossip sessions.

I'm sure that he could use our prayers, and Chris our Admin who has been flying solo could too.
Thank you Hol. :hug

That is correct and yet only a tip of the iceberg. Other factors that came into the decision to disable the conversation system was the "rampant rule breaking and agendas" that were reported to me and being carried out in violation of the forums rules. And here's probably the big one which did not come to light until several days ago that led to my decision to disable the conversation system. I had closed the accounts of several members for the rampant violation of the rules and did not turn the conversation system off until this other stuff was brought to my attention. That other stuff is that I have been given evidence (in the form of actual emails between the parties) from a credible third source that some were using the forums conversation system to go "hooking up behind the scenes" and "plotting love affairs while still married, even going as far as talking about moving to carry out these things".

At that time I knew what must be done in regards to the conversation system. These are just a partial list of the "dirty laundry" that has come to light. Yes, many of you will find this hard to believe that people would be doing that sort of thing on the forums, but it is true, and from people you would least expect it from.

I will not have a place of God used like this. This site is for serious fellowship and praise to the Lord. It is NOT We are not here to "shack up" with other members of the forums.

I think the vast majority of people here would agree. People are encouraged to use the "report" link at the bottom of each post to alert the admins of questionable material on the board.

Please pray for RF and for me as I continue the task of ridding the forums of this perversion that has apparently been going on RF for quite some time. :tsk