Commercial ships no longer safe after Oman attack - analysis


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Commercial ships no longer safe after Oman attack - analysis
Defending commercial ships from threats such as Iran’s brash drone attack this week is a problem for ship owners and managers and for states in the region, and does not have an easy solution
AUGUST 3, 2021

The drone attack on the ship Mercer Street off the coast of Oman is an important game changer in our understanding of threats to commercial ships by both states and non-state actors, such as terror groups backed by Iran. The full details of how the drones were guided to the ship or where they flew from, or even what precise type they were and what warhead they used, is still being determined.

What we do know is that the US, UK and Israel have blamed Iran. Drones were used in the attack. This presents a whole new level of threat to ships. Ships have in the past faced mining attacks in the Gulf of Oman, and Iran likely carried out several rounds of attacks in May and June of 2019. Ships have also faced attacks by pirates. In addition, anti-ship missiles have been used across the region, including by the Houthis in Yemen, Hezbollah and ISIS in Sinai. The Sinai attack in 2015 was apparently done with an anti-tank guided missile.



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And with this, compounds the issue with lack of supplies to crucial areas, leading to food shortages. And with entire regions in dire straits, food riots may occur, while leaders line up to blame Iran for these incidents. Can it get any worse?