Colombian president downplays Jerusalem office: ‘We’re being practical’


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Colombian president downplays Jerusalem office: ‘We’re being practical’
Iván Duque says Bogota is Israel’s “number-one ally in Latin America,” seeks to deepen ties through tech collaboration.
Published: NOVEMBER 9, 2021

Colombian President Iván Duque Márquez was in Israel this week to promote cooperation between his country and Israel, especially in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship. In that vein, Colombia opened the first office of iNNpulsa, its entrepreneurship and innovation agency, abroad in Israel – in Jerusalem, in fact. Colombia joined countries like Brazil, Hungary and the Czech Republic in taking what Israel views as a step toward recognizing its sovereignty in Jerusalem.

And in fact, Duque said in his 2018 election campaign that he would be open to moving Colombia’s embassy to Jerusalem. But Duque did not even visit his country’s new office in Israel’s capital, and was more circumspect on the subject in an interview with The Jerusalem Post. Asked why he made the move, Duque said encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship is one of his priorities.