Coalition MKs upset about cooperating with Joint List in Knesset


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Coalition MKs upset about cooperating with Joint List in Knesset
A bill advanced on Thursday that would forbid spying for the Palestinian Authority or the European Union.
Published: MAY 12, 2022

Knesset members in Yamina and New Hope expressed discomfort on Thursday with the coalition’s cooperation with the Joint List to help the coalition defeat the Likud’s no-confidence motion on Monday. Coalition officials said more cooperation with the Joint List is on the way. Following the departure of former coalition chairwoman Idit Silman, the only way for the coalition to pass bills that require the support of 61 MKs is with the Joint List, which will be asked to help pass the 2023 state budget and Justice Minister Gideon Sa’ar’s bill that would enact term limits for prime minister.

The coalition has agreed to start passing some bills from the opposition. One that was advanced in a preliminary reading on Wednesday would prohibit spying for the Palestinian Authority’s security services. The bill, initiated by former Shin Bet chief MK Avi Dichter (Likud), seeks to ban contact between Israeli organizations and citizens, and security and intelligence agencies of foreign entities that are not states including the PA and European Union. The bill passed with the support of the government by a vote of 23-2.